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Met Gala 2020 Theme Announced

Get ready to time travel.


We thought it would be hard to follow this year’s “Camp” Met Gala theme, so we were waiting anxiously in the wings for the moment the 2020 theme would be revealed. Now, the moment has finally arrived, and we are ready for it to be May again.

The Costume Institute has announced that the Met Gala 2020 theme will be “About Time: Fashion and Duration.” Celebrities, fashionistas and activists will take to the prestigious red carpet in a creative exploration of the evolution of fashion throughout the ages.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von The Met (@metmuseum) am

Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Wendy Yu, Curator at The Costume Institute, described the theme as a “reimagining of fashion history that’s fragmented, discontinuous, and heterogeneous.” Just imagine: 40s war fashion fused with 60s hippie chic and a dash of 90s cyber punk. Don’t mind us. We’ll be over here creating Pinterest boards until future notice…

The 2020 theme is even more exciting because next year the Metropolitan Museum of Art will celebrate its landmark 150th anniversary through special exhibitions and public events. It was this special anniversary, the French philosopher Henri Bergson’s concept of “la duree” and the 1992 Virginia Woolf film ‘Orlando’ that Andrew Bolton cited as his inspirational cornerstones for the theme.

Bolton told Vogue, “There’s a wonderful scene,” he says, “in which Tilda Swinton enters the maze in an 18th-century woman’s robe à la Francaise, and as she runs through it, her clothes change to mid-19th-century dress, and she reemerges in 1850s England. That’s where the original idea came from.” Expect to see many more Gaga-style transformational outfits next year then…

Bolton went onto explain: “What I like about Woolf’s version of time is the idea of a continuum. There’s no beginning, middle, or end. It’s one big fat middle. I always felt the same about fashion. Fashion is the present.” That it is Andrew!

If the theme announcement weren’t exciting enough, the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed up the news by listing the Gala’s co-chairs for 2020: Anna Wintour (obvi), Nicolas Ghesquière (Louis Vuitton’s creative director), Meryl Streep (who needs no introduction), and Emma Stone (who will be starring as Cruella de Vil in the self-titled 2021 film, ‘Cruella’). Okay, can we just fast-forward to May already please?


(images via The New York Times)


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