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Meet The Creatives Uniting To Help Those At Risk During Covid-19

With over 1,300 submissions from across the globe, you’re bound to find a poster that’s perfect for your bedroom wall.


‘Soon’. That is the central theme connecting our societies, countries, and the work for sale within the Creatives Against Covid-19 campaign. Welcoming submissions from all corners of the artistic industry, the Irish born campaign has received over 1,300 posters across 30 countries since first launching on the 9th of April, as the creatives of the world have united to put their own spin on messages of optimism and resilience in times of unprecedented uncertainty.

“This moment in our lives will not last forever” says Celine, co-founder of RichardsDee, the design agency and mind behind the inspiring campaign. “Soon we will be reunited with our families and friends. Soon all the things we enjoy the most will resume, and when they do, we will appreciate them so much more.” 

‘Pints Soon’ by Aisling Dowling, @aisling_ash

With all proceeds raised donated equally to ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid, Creatives Against Covid are helping to bring light into the lives of those whose social isolation situations are dangerous and unknown. “Creatives Against Covid is a wonderful and positive effort to raise much needed funds to support our work during the current pandemic” says Sarah Benson, CEO of Women’s Aid. “Domestic abuse escalates in times of economic and social crisis, so Women’s Aid has had to escalate too, in order to be able to support the women who contact us.”

For ISPCC Childline the story is bleakly similar, with the demand for their support services continuing to grow as abuse and mental health issues rise during the pandemic. “Childline needs to continue to be here for children and young people 24 hours a day, every day, but we need the public’s help to make this possible” explains Caroline O’Sullivan. “All of the creators involved with Creatives Against Covid 19 - and all who support our services - will be a part of every Childline engagement with a child.” 

‘Soon’ by Lucy Chen, @loosygoosy1015

The campaign has utilised the power of social media to attract their constant flow of submissions, which mediums range from illustration and photography to typography and hand lettering. A scroll through their Instagram is a graphic and colourful reminder of the talent that continues to run strong even in a world that has been put on pause, with almost 13,000 followers choosing to fill their feed with submissions that inspire a future of freedom and hope.

Equally priced at €40 for an A3 print, there is no curation of the work, with all posters received within deadline put for sale on the site. “We wanted the campaign to be inclusive from the outset” says Celine. “Creatives Against Covid-19 is not a competition. We wanted every piece of creative work donated to have the chance to make a difference.”

Graphic designer Lily was an early submission for the campaign, after coming across their Instagram in its beginning days. “I really wanted to take part, especially because all the proceeds of the posters go towards Woman’s Aid and ISPCC Childline” she explains. “My poster design is called ‘Together Again’, I wanted to create an uplifting poster that can inspire people and remind us to hang on just a bit longer through these dark times, because in the end, we will be together again.”

‘Together Again’ by Lily Gale, @lilyellengale_

Aisling, the Dublin based creator of ‘Pints Soon’, felt a similar need to be charitable in times of the unknown, drawn in by the campaign’s inclusivity. “I wanted to create something optimistic and fun” she says of the context behind her pub inspired piece. “One of the things I’ve missed most during this period has been meeting up with my friends over pints. I wanted to reflect that in a fun way.”

We think it’s time to treat yourself to a print that brings your post-corona daydreams to life, whist helping to do your bit for the world, don’t you?

All posters are available to order online.

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