Many People Are Feeling Inspired By The Fashion Seen On "Emily In Paris"

The Netflix series has everyone wanting to live their very own Paris-inspired lifestyle.


A week has passed since the premiere of season two of the Netflix series, "Emily in Paris." The show is no stranger when it comes putting together extravagant Paris-inspired outfits. 

With that being said, many viewers have been enlightened to recreate looks from the characters: Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), Mindy Chen (played by Ashley Park), Camille (played by Camille Razat) and Julien (played by Samuel Arnold). 

The online shopping platform, ShopStyle has shared several statistics that proves the high demand of the items seen on these Emily In Paris' beloved characters.  

Accessories seen on Emily, such as a beret, ShopStyle reports that there has been a 43 percent search increase on the platform. Users are also even searching for other items such as a striped white and blue sweater, a gingham blazer and bucket hat. These searches have generated a 42 percent increase. 

Mindy has also inspired fashion searches. There were searches made such as "sequined blazers" (69 percent) and "red bucket bag" (60 percent). Now for Camille, users have searched "leather blazer dress" (80 percent). To round off the data, Julien's fashionable taste generated searches: "purple blazer" (59 percent) and "white pants" (38 percent).

Take a look at ShopStyle's Emily In Paris inspired style guide here


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