10 Mango Staples Under $50 To Reload Your Sartorial Arsenal

Stock up in the sales.


A wardrobe staple is like your sweet long-term boyfriend. In looks it may not hold a candle to the celebs of the fashion world – that sexy new drop from Off-White, that hyped-up sneaker everyone wants to get their hands on – but it'll ride with you through thick and thin. Ever-present and ever-reliable, it's the backbone of your sartorial arsenal, the unsung hero of your existence. You might not want to fuck it but you love it dearly nonetheless.

There's no better time than the January sales to stock up on those essentials, and it turns out Mango has got just the kind of staples we need to see us through the rest of the season and beyond – all for under 50 bucks! Here's our top-ten selection.


Message Cotton T-Shirt

Got a ridiculously approachable face but hate people talking to you? This rad “AWAY” tee should get the message across.

Shop it here for $35.99 $15.99.


Marvelous T-Shirt

We're not sure whether somebody in the factory had an accident when they were sewing up this baby, or if that cross-out effect infers that the wearer only used to be marvelous, but we're loving the unfinished aesthetic nonetheless.

Shop it here for $25.99 $12.99.


Check Structured Blazer

A garm to wear to cash that check, this boss-bitch blazer will be your go-to jacket this season.

Shop it here for $99.99 $49.99.


Side Striped Trousers

You can't go wrong with these cool striped track pants, made in a flowy fabric. Tbh, we've basically seen designer ones that look the same. The bonus: they've got belt loops.

Shop them here for $79.99 $39.99.


Pleat Detail Trousers

Riding on that wide-leg pant game, these heather-toned high-rise pleated pants will scrub up a treat with streetwear.

Shop them here for $79.99 $39.99.


Oversize Cotton Shirt

It's a shirt. It's oversized. Need we say more?

Shop it here for $59.99 $29.99.


Message Bicolor Scarf

This enigmatic scarf will leave you guessing all the way to your doorstep. There's definitely a cool-looking message on there, but in terms of what it actually says, your guess is as good as ours. TR..MA..ER... Let's hope it's troublemaker.

Shop it here for $39.99 $19.99.


Saffiano-Effect Cross-Body Bag

You can't have too many little black bags – especially if you habitually destroy yours on wild nights out. Not that people will notice in the dark, but this stylish cross-body definitely looks more expensive than 15 dollars in faux saffiano leather. Fun fact: Prada originally had a patent on real saffiano leather.

Shop it here for $29.99 $14.99.


Mesh Pattern Shopper Bag

You can read a girl by the contents of her handbag, and chances are, if you're happy to put your belongings on display, you're as organized as you're stylish. If you're the culture-jamming type, you could also really fuck with people on the subway by, we don't know, packing a provocative object or two.

Shop it here for $59.99 $29.99.


Wool Handmade Coat

Okay, we cheated on this one, it's a little over 50 dollars but it is handmade, would you believe it? This is the perfectly slouchy wool coat you'll always come back to. It's warm, fuss-free and will go with practically anything. What more could you want from a staple coat?

Shop it here for $149.99 $74.99.


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