Madonna And Britney’s Public Display Of Affection

Great Feminist Stunts.


In hindsight, the smooch between Madonna and Britney back in 2003 feels far more political now than it did back then. Just five years later Britney was involuntarily placed under conservatorship where her father James Spears, and attorney Andrew M. Wallet (pretty sinister surname given the context), took full control of her life. 

Britney, the direct product of patriarchy, dressed in white lace, kisses Madonna, who peacocks around in her quasi-dominatrix groom-like clobber. Wonderful! And dripping in double entendre.

Madonna’s reputation as a feminist operating within patriarchy could have only been seen as a threat to the Britney empire although the star herself appears to have said, “I do”. And an honest woman of her was made. Not quite.

The snogging stunt must’ve given Britney’s marketing team a real kick in the proverbial bolloks, right?

Whichever way you look at it, the kiss was a huge “f*ck you” to patriarchy. Sadly however some 20 years later it still rings true that in order for a woman to work freely within the walls of a patriarchal system she must at times employ the use of fantasy and fetishization, pull stunts or use visually suggestive metaphors to get her point across. The fine line being wether she owns her sexuality or is being directed to exploit it. Madonna sends out a clear message. Sex sells, capitalize on it, but make it your intention. Bend over because you enjoy the feeling. Pass it on, etc.

Through reappropriating her own sexuality within the patriarchal structure Madonna is now seen as an untouchable and seraphic character who owns her sexuality, her fantasies, her intentions as a female and her desires to express this openly and honestly

How lovely it will be to watch Britney blossom in a similar way throughout the years to come, it’s just so sad she had to struggle this much to get here. 


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