Ready for The Mac x Stranger Things Collection?
 Ready for The Mac x Stranger Things Collection?
 Ready for The Mac x Stranger Things Collection?

Ready for The Mac x Stranger Things Collection?

It's far from strange.


Just in time for the release of the latest season of Stranger Things, MAC Cosmetics collaboration with Netflix is finally available. Announced in May, the limited-edition makeup has all the necessary elements to induce major 80s nostalgia.  

MAC x Stranger Things Is Taking Us Back to Hawkins

Cheerful vintage colors on one side, dark and grunge shades on the other. MAC x Stranger Things has a definite dual mood. It’s said to represent the two parallel worlds co-existing in the TV show: the Human world and the Upside-down world.

First, the collection gives fans an opportunity to emulate the retro-pop flavor of the 1980s. Shadows are light blue, lavender, coral, with metallic finishes. Think Madonna, Wham, or David Bowie.

Then, the next part of the collection is inspired by the aura of mystery of the Upside-down. Bloody red, teal, saturated black make up this side of the collaboration. The limited edition packaging features the cult series distinctive fonts.

Whichever vibe you lean towards, there’s something for you.

An Overview Of The Collection

The collaboration has a mirror-like composition. Every product possesses its dark/light counterparts. As a result, you get:

  • Two eye-shadows palettes: Hawkins Class of 1986 and The Void Eye
  • Two blushes: Friends Don’t Lie and He Likes It Cold
  • 6 lip glasses.

Fans of the show will recognize familiar shades names such as marvelous Max, wild Wheeler, mind flayer, or Demogorgon. The collection is completed with two makeup brushes.

All products are available on MAC cosmetics' website and in stores. Additionally, the website offers a fun quiz to determine which world you belong to. 

It's time to reveal your inner Cindi Lauper... or your inner demon.

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