5 Luxury Essentials Every Man Should Own

You’re free to mix and match them as you please.


Essentials are at the foundation of every great wardrobe. They’re the garments that you can rely on to let your statement pieces shine, or simply get you through those days when you need to slip on something stylish in a pinch. The right essentials are also timeless. Moreover, they’re versatile. You’re free to mix and match them as you please.

With a description like that, you’d think that there aren’t a lot of clothes that fit the bill. But today’s designers have plenty to offer. Let’s drive the point home with five luxury essentials that every man should own.

The Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere, which is sourced from goats that live in cooler climates, is one material you should never skimp on. Cheaper fibres will cost you more in the long run, as the threads are prone to bobbling.

If you’re looking for a top-notch jumper that will last you through many winters to come, the likes of Ralph Lauren and John Smedley should be on your list. For pieces that have a little more flair to them, local label ESK and their trademark jewel-like tones is an excellent option.

The Tailored Swim Short

When you think of tailoring, swim shorts probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. But they are very much a thing, and they make for a wise investment.

There’s no better name here than Hemingsworth. Tailored swim shorts are one of their best-selling products, thanks in no small part to their luxurious soft hand feel and signature cut. If you want to check them out, you can find tailored swim shorts on the British designer’s website. Lightning-fast delivery comes standard, so don’t worry about waiting.

The White T-Shirt

It stands to reason that a white t-shirt is even more essential than its button-down counterpart. After all, the latter is usually layered over the former, which makes the t-shirt key for comfort.

British label Sunspel and America’s Sea Island are your top choices. The local designer uses Egyptian cotton that only takes one wear to understand why people say it’s on a completely different level to anything else on the high street. That’s no less true for Sea Island, which uses handpicked Caribbean fibre to craft the perfect foundation layer.

A Pair of Luxury Trainers

Like the aforementioned t-shirts, (the right kind of) luxury trainers have little in common with your everyday sneakers.

Monochrome colour palettes and buttery-smooth leather characterise the footwear from go-to brands in this sector, which include Common Projects, Lanvin, and Filling Pieces. Acne Studios also offers some sleek luxury kicks that compliment any ensemble.

The Leather Wallet

Ending things off with an accessory, we can all agree that there’s something alluring about a quality leather wallet that softens and develops its own character as time passes. Some flawlessly simple and forever reliable wallets can be found at Italian label Valextra, as well as British names like Dunhill and Mulberry.

These essentials prove that luxury clothing can be a worthwhile investment. Choose right, and you’ll have something to cherish and enjoy for years to come.

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