This Sexbot Wants To Help Millennials Have More Sex

Not all heroes wear capes.


News flash: millennials aren't fucking that much. And, deep down, we all know why ( IT'S OUR PHONES PEOPLE). Although you probably steer well clear of having the talk with your parents, or even grandparents, who apparently had more sex than we are when they were young, you may well have noticed that you're spending more nights fapping to PornHub than getting up close and personal with the Ps and Vs. To quote that hilarious meme with the painting of the plump child, y tho.

Thankfully (we think), a rad sexbot has come through to save our dwindling sex lives. LA-based photographer and installation artist Maggie West teamed up with sex toy brand Lelo and NYC's Museum of Sex to create the super-sexy, and interplanetary, Luci 6000.

Luci is from the planet Xeron, a planet which sounds frighteningly similar to ours. The population's sex drive has completely crashed due to everyone's obsession with their phones. Luckily, DM-sliding and sexting her way through this utter mess like a perky-boobed, inanimate hunk of heroic metal is Luci, who is quite ironically on a mission to save the world from numbness.

We're kind of sad that she's actually just an interactive exhibit at the Museum of Sex, since she definitely deserves her own sitcom. However, you've got to love the satirical commentary Maggie and Lelo created on the massive generalizations people make about millennials and their phones – that we're either “hypersexual digital narcissists” or “desexualized drones.”

While it's only a bit of fun, it does provide some interesting things to think about, especially when comparing millennials' lifestyles with those of previous generations. Like Luci 6000, we were born in a different world to the older generations, so is it really fair to so coldly and statistically compare our sex lives as if we were the same? I mean, of course you'd feel more horny if you weren't so desensitized by ubiquitous porn and sexuality. Of course you'd be banging more people if Tinder weren't making you so picky. If you didn't have the internet and phones to keep you constantly occupied, you'd definitely be fucking instead. Just sayin'.

You can follow Luci 6000 on Instagram, and if you're feeling particularly inquisitive, or lonely, you can chat to her via Twitter.


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