Love Hint: Why Is Polyamorous Relationships A Real Way To Keep A Couple Together?

And how does it work?


Sexuality today has taken a whole different route that was before considered taboo. Every day, people claim their different sexual orientations plus speaking out on how they like to live their romantic lives. One way that is now being embraced is polyamorous love.

We live in a world where people are now open to new ideas on keeping their love and marriages stronger. Polyamorous relationship and love is one perfect example that couples around the world are using to stay happy. But how effective is love for polyamorous? And how does it work?

Let’s find out.

Definition of a Polyamorous Love

When you see any word connected or starting with the word ‘poly,’ you recognize that the people or things involved surpass two. That said, a polyamorous love is one involving multiple partners as opposed to the traditional one. This form of a relationship consists of more than two people involved romantically. They could be three, four, or even five.

Now, the thing about this form of open relationship is that both parties, the original two, knows of the whole arrangement and are in it together. That means that both men and women who were the initial couple expanded to invite others in, and everyone is okay with it.

A group of three lovers is known as a polyamorous love triangle. And believe it or not, dating sites offer its users this option as well.

Types of Polyamorous Relationships

This type of love is not as straightforward as many might think, but instead has a couple of ground rules that both parties must agree on. And this is where the talk of different types of polyamorous relationships come in.

There are no set and defined types, but we will formulate the types according to generalized categories.

Type Agreed On is Dependant to The Number Of Partners

Are you and your partner looking for one extra party, two, or three? If one extra person is the unanimous decision, then your initial partner becomes your primary. The primary is the one you live with, has kids with, or is married to you, and goes by the name of the main squeeze. The secondary then becomes the extra person. This polyamorous type of love is known as a triad.

Four partners become a quad, and a polycule is a whole network of people involved romantically or sexually.

Type Agreed on is Dependant to The Seriousness of The Polyamorous

Are you and your a partner in it for experimental purposes, a one-time thing, or for the long haul? A one-time polyamorous encounter might be adventurous with an aim to just spice up the bedroom. But the plan for the long haul may mean that people form long term bonds, get friendly, link families and even procreate. Such entanglements have to be understood right in the beginning to avoid a falling out later on.

Type Agreed On Depending on Exclusivity

Some partners might want to share their secondary while others may not. A husband may decide to keep the two relationships very separate, where the wife does not interfere with it and vice versa. On the other hand, if the wife is open to loving someone of the same sex, then an intimacy between two women and men is formed.

Such polyamorous love stories are everywhere and should not come as a surprise anymore. People who identify as straight prefer keeping their polyamorous partners to themselves.

Benefits of A Polyamory Relationship

  • Honesty and transparency

Once you find love in polyamory, there will be full transparency and honesty with everyone involved. There will be no need to be hiding your sex escapades since your partner is already informed, and they are okay with it.

  • Diversity

Most marriages get monotonous after a while, and polyamory offers that diversity that couples seek. Whether it is doing things with someone else that the other partner doesn’t like, such as going for dates or having kinky sex, polyamory offers this.

  • Sexual fulfillment

Perhaps you and your partner have unmatched sexual urges, and breaking up is not an option. Polyamorous type of love then becomes a viable solution to this. Since you cannot satisfy your partner to their fulfillment, a third party comes in with your permission, and the whole thing is consensual. 

Disadvantages of a Polyamory Relationship

  • Jealousy

Perhaps you both were on the same page initially, but after a few months, one of you started to become jealous, which could be a significant problem. Jealousy seems to be the number one disadvantage when it comes to love in polyamorous relationships.

  • Dishonesty

The same way a polyamorous type of love promotes honesty and transparency, the flipside is that one partner may choose to become dishonest by breaking one of the ground rules. For instance, if the agreed number of partners was four, and there happened to be a fifth person, trust is breached, and someone is dishonest about something.

  • Tips To Have a Successful Polyamorous Love
  • Have ground rules that all parties involved agree on
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Avoid getting jealous
  • Seek polyamorous love coaches to guide you


Monogamy is, for sure, not the only way to love. What if you have got so much to give? Polyamorous love seems to be the perfect solution for this. If you feel you are this person, talk with your partner and see if you could give it a try. To conclude, if you have anything else you would like to share on polyamorous relationship and love, leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

Top image: Shamia Casiano via pexels.com, Preview photo: ATC Comm Photo via Pexels.com