Bella Moore Takes Us on a Whimsical Journey

Debut Single 'Benny Valentine.


Los Angeles-based artist Bella Moore is making waves with her Los Angeles-based, "Benny Valentine," released this summer under Rain Phoenix's LaunchLeft label. Now, she's treating us to a visual feast with the accompanying music video—a dreamy escapade into a whimsical summer night.

Directed by Ben Howley (Limo), the video mirrors the haunting beauty of the track, inviting us into Bella's world on a starlit adventure with a lover. Rain Phoenix describes it as a "love story but also a cautionary tale about jealousy and redemption set in a sleepy desert town replete with villains and beautiful monsters."

"Benny Valentine" is not just a song; it's a sonic journey. Bella's ethereal vocals dance over distorted guitars and reverberating drums, creating a fuzzy and atmospheric soundscape. The lyrics paint a mesmerizing encounter with the mysterious 'Benny Valentine,' delving into the complexities of a captivating rendezvous.

The eerie ambiance of the song captures the essence of attraction and resistance, intensifying the overall sense of uncertainty. According to Bella, "‘Benny Valentine’ is a love song. It reminds me of a nightmare and a dream all at once. It’s a feeling of doom and being eternal, living in love and not fear."

With its dreamlike quality and Bella's evocative storytelling, "Benny Valentine" transcends the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The enchanting visuals of the music video further solidify Bella Moore as an artist to watch, inviting us to join her on this surreal journey through the landscapes of love and uncertainty.