Long Serving Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Quits Day After Daughter Tweets For Emancipation

Hold tight, this is going to be a wild ride!


I feel like, at the moment, I am starting every article with “2020 has been a crazy year, and now ‘x’ thing has happened to add to it all!” It’s true, it has been the horrific gift that has kept on giving, with its latest delivery coming straight from The White House.

Today after 4 years as President Trump’s loyal aide, Kellyanne Conway announced she was stepping down at the end of the month to focus on her family, big news right? Her husband, who is a bizarre conflict of interest happens to work for the Lincoln Project and calls out Trump’s incompetence on the regular, has also decided to step down from his role to focus on the family.

Now, this is big news for the capitol in itself, but no big drama there right? Just two parents that want to give up their political roles to focus on raising their kids...well, it would be, if this news hadn’t come the day after their 15-year-old daughter Claudia had bombarded Twitter with talks of emancipation from her family due to years of emotional abuse.

Not new to sharing her views on Twitter, TikTok & Instagram, Claudia Conway, who has 423.2k followers on the platform has been publicly commenting on her opinion of her mom’s job for a while now, who has been backing Trump for 4 years let’s not forget.

With all the controversy and allegations surrounding Trump historically, including racism, sexism amongst affiliations with known pedophile and child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein, combined with his absolute atrocious effort to run a country and being the butt of every joke and meme known to man since his win in 2016, you can imagine what it would be like for a 15-year-old girl who’s mother is, for lack of a better term, his biggest ‘stan’.

Rebellious? Maybe, but if you had to put up with that for a good chunk of your teenage life, you probably would be too. How she feels about Trump is no secret, fast forward to yesterday when Claudia began to tweet about how upset she was at her mother talking at the RNC which followed with her announcing that she was officially pushing for emancipation from her parents, citing years of emotional trauma and abuse, claiming her mother's job has ruined her life and saying that although her and her dad don’t agree on anything politically, they do both agree on Trump, imagine the family dinners.

It seems that it is indeed no coincidence that the next day both her parents have quit their prestigious jobs to ‘focus on their family’ to which Claudia responded with a live stream video claiming that the decision wasn’t discussed with her, that she didn’t find out through her parents, instead of through Twitter and that her parents haven’t done it for the family, they’ve done it for ‘attention’ and they don’t ‘give a shit’ about her.

In the video, Claudia claimed that her father had always belittled her and been verbally abusive and that her mother is a ‘sociopath’ who doesn’t care about anything but money, fame & her (old) job. She also spoke about how her parents were planning on getting a divorce and that this announcement changes nothing, she is going to fight for justice for herself and work towards the emancipation she so desperately wants.

Of course, there have been comments about her behavior, saying she is a dramatic teenager and that she doesn’t comprehend the scale of the damage she is doing to her parents, but has anyone thought for a minute about what damages the jobs they had would do to her? 

Both political rivals in one of the most controversial and talked about places in the world, her mother who has proven herself to be one of the president's fiercest and most loyal defenders for the last 4 years, Claudia didn’t ask to be born into that.

We await to see how this all unfolds, for now, if you need any more updates we suggest the ‘Kellyanne Conway’ hashtag on Twitter, her daughter Claudia has said she is taking a social media break at this time.

Top image: Courtesy of Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, Preview image: Courtesy of Cheriss May/Reuters

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