LØLØ Rocks into the New Year with "2 Of Us"

Resilience and sass in a melodic triumph.


As we step into a brand new year, Canadian rocker LØLØ welcomes us with a rebellious anthem titled "2 of us." Inspired by the raw emotions stemming from a toxic relationship, this tenacious and pop-infused track packs a punch with thrashing percussion and buzzing electric guitars, all wrapped in LØLØ's distinctive resonant alto.

The song takes us on a journey through the aftermath of cutting ties with a toxic ex, with LØLØ's scathing lyricism leaving no room for sugarcoating. In her signature unflinching style, she belts out lines like "You still wear skinny jeans / and that should have been my first sign," revealing the struggles of letting go and the realization that it takes two to tango. The track builds to a frenetic conclusion, with LØLØ humorously accepting accountability for her role in the drama, singing, “I must be stupid, I must be dumb / guess that makes 2 of us.”

LØLØ shares her thoughts on the track, stating, "I wrote '2 of us' at a time where I felt very dumb. I couldn’t shake someone who was terrible for me. I thought they were being so thoughtless and stupid, but then I realized I was being just as stupid for even giving them the time of day. P.S. I’m sorry to my fellow emo’s who will be offended by the skinny jeans line…it was just a really good diss, okay?? I felt very sassy while writing this one, so a couple of the lines are pretty funny lol."