Loewe Reinvents 3 Of Their Iconic Bags For FW22

They're all puffed up!


Loewe’s fall/winter collection 2022 is puffy.

Ankle boots, jackets and even sunglasses come in pillow-like forms. Three of Loewe’s bags were updated with comfy padding, too. Here's what you need to know about them.



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A post shared by LOEWE (@loewe)


For their fall/winter collection, Loewe reinvented their iconic Goya bag, the Flamenco clutch, and the Puzzle Hobo bag. Additionally to introducing a goose feather padding, Loewe also gave the bags' color scheme a makeover. Camel, black, dark chocolate and clay green are the primary colors that characterize the new puffer bag line. The legendary Puffer Flamenco clutch is now on the market in a red ‘lipstick’ colorway. Plumrose is the new hue the Puffer Goya bag is available in. And for all the Puzzle Hobo bag lovers out there - its inflated new edition is convincing in black, clay green and bright orange

Shop the cushioned bags and more puffy fall/winter items here.


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