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Liza Koshy Apologises For Impersonating Asian Accent

Koshy acknowledges the harm of her ‘innocent jokes’.


Liza Koshy, Youtube star, has issued an apology in regard to a video she had posted in 2016 in which she put on a mock Asian voice and made up Japanese words.
Koshy took to her Instagram to post her apology, expressing to her followers that she was “sorry to the beautiful communities that I have caused hurt within” and that we should “consider this my resignation from ignorance, and my declaration as an ally in action.” 
She expresses how she had no intention of being racist, but is now having to go back through her archives and take note of what she once might have thought were “innocent jokes” are actually harmful.
This apology comes at a poignant time in history where everyone is being held to account for perpetuating racist ideas, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Koshy has admitted that her words were tainted with “implicit bias.” 


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In a ‘world conditioned to be racist’ as author Ibram X Kendi, a leading scholar of race and discriminatory policy in America puts it, now is time for people to be checking and educating themselves. 
Koshy’s apology has been well received by her followers with commenters pledging their love for the star and commending the importance of growth. 


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