Family Affair: Johnny & Lily Rose Depp Star In Yoga Hosers Movie


The “slightly mad but his public love him for it” Director Kevin Smith, took the casting of his latest movie ‘Yoga Hosers’ down the take your kid to work route, enlisting not only his own daughter, but best friend Johnny Depp, and his daughter. The movie introduces Harley Quinn and Lily-Rose Depp, who take the lead as the teenage girls both known as Colleen, who work together behind the checkout of a Canadian convenience store and nick off wherever possible to the back room, for band practice.

From convenience clerks, to what can only be described as completely cray, their lives take a subnormal turn when they get an invite to a party, held by High School Seniors, but – and as with most party preparations – there’s a few, um, ‘obstacles’ they have to defeat before reaching the heavenly party gates; and not the kind of obstacles that involve zit concealment, or finding the right shoes to go with outfit. The Colleens must battle “little Nazi creatures” made of sausage, who have a penchant for attacking people up the rear end (yep, regardless of whatever you have been smoking, you just read that right) using the badass yoga skills taught to them by their instructor Yogi (Justin Long).


The movie, which debuted at Sundance Film Festival this week, has rattled the world of film critics everywhere who (bless them) went looking for the meaning of life in what is essentially a massive sausage fest (in the literal sense) of a movie. Kevin Smith’s comic book, screwball, IDGAF auteur style, introduces the characters as they appear in the movie with instagram style info cards and music segments, which sounds pretty cool (to be fair) and despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews, gives us a sense that there just might be some fab within the “WTF is this?”

This is Lily-Rose Depp’s first leading film role (she did make an appearance as the same character in Smith’s earlier film ‘Tusk’ for which Yoga Hosers is a kind of spin off from) alongside real life BFF Harley Quinn, and if the jury remains out on the movie, we can at least applaud this sixteen year old’s ability to agree to, and be involved in, a properly idiosyncratic film project (a far cry from the recent Chanel campaigns she has fronted), not unlike her dad, really.