Le Labo And Their Exclusive City Fragrances

Limited access to some restricted fragrances…


‘Act great, dear. Always act great’.

Le Labo (French for The Laboratory, très chic), are a luxury fragrance brand based in New York. Founded in 2006, creators Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot believe in only the best, in fact their manifesto can be found on their website. Trusting in statements like “We believe that there are too many bottles of perfume and not enough soulful fragrances” and “We believe celebrities should pay full price”, it’s hard not to completely fall head over heels for this brand and what they stand for.

The process of purchasing a Le Labo fragrance is a journey from beginning to end. A fresh formulation is hand-blended for every bottle, with options to personalise available at every lab world-wide. The thought processes surrounding the entire brand image have been meticulously gathered to give nothing but the most luxurious feel. Thoughtful aspects include the fact that their Vintage Candles are all hand-poured, one-by-one in Mississippi, USA and all Le Labo lab technicians wear waxed aprons specially created in Brooklyn, New York.

Their City Exclusive fragrances are only sold in the city they were made for, meaning ‘’No online sales, No phone orders, No exceptions”. But, once a year for a limited time only every Le Labo Boutique is allowed to sell every cities exclusive scent. The entire month of September has been marked off as busy, don’t try and get in contact guys, we’re hunting every fragrance we can.

To top off this momentous occasion, Le Labo released in an exclusive press event that two new scents were being rolled out this year; Tabac 28 (Miami) and Bigarade 18 (Hong Kong).

Miami’s new signature scent, Tabac 28, can be described as having deeply aromatic tobacco hints (picture a Cuban Havana distilled), opulent hints of cedarwood blended with Guaiac wood and rum – this fragrance is filled with intoxicating warm vibrance – this sounds like a dream.

Hong Kong’s new scent, Bigarade 18, is described as being ‘a tug of war between the classical smell of citruses and the warm and transgressive hum of dark notes and woods, it is a very classical scent, but there’s just something different about it deep down. Bright and powerful featuring hints of Bergamote and Neroli petals, mixed with musks.

The dedication that was given to producing both of these fragrances is admirable and the honor for the craft is second to none.

Look through their multiple city fragrances online and see which city suits you best, plus you never know – it might be the city of your dreams!

Pick up these iconic fragrances in your local Le Labo store or purchase online through Le Labo throughout September and whilst stocks last!


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