Lauren Dejey's Drops New Alt Pop Single "I'm Not Ready"

London's rising star gives honest reflections on adulthood in her EP.


Lauren Dejey is absolutely brilliant on her brand new single, "I'm Not Ready." Get ready for an incredible mix of captivating vocal melodies and vibrant production that keeps building and shapeshifting with every twist, culminating in an explosion of vibrant colors. And that's not all—Lauren is currently putting the final touches on an EP release coming this Fall, which is bound to be a significant moment in her career.

In the song, Lauren candidly shares her experience of turning 25 and feeling completely lost in the realm of adulthood. It's a relatable theme that many of us have encountered—the pressure and confusion that accompany another year added to our age. Through her heartfelt lyrics, Lauren beautifully captures the mix of emotions that arise from this journey of growing older.

Don't forget to check out the music video for "I'm Not Ready" as well—it's a visual treat that complements the song's essence perfectly, giving life to Lauren's artistic vision.

Lauren Dejey, an alt-pop artist from South East London, has been writing songs since she was just ten years old. Her music is a unique blend of dark humor, cathartic honesty, and razor-sharp production, creating a truly captivating sound.

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP release this Fall, where Lauren will undoubtedly showcase her talent and leave a lasting impression on the music scene.