Latest Luxury Eyewear Trends For 2021

Statement-makers, bold, timeless, and indulges in a balance of novelty.


Eyeglasses are the most personalized yet versatile accessory that you may find in your closet. It’s not a one-size-fits-all item, contrary to what many people think. You must understand which frames and styles would accentuate your facial features best. Don’t worry—2021’s diverse trend-setter eyewear styles will indeed have something to offer that will match your face perfectly.

This year, eyewear trends focus on styles that are statement-makers, bold, timeless, and indulges in a balance of novelty. Many consumers nowadays tend to shop for classic and easy-going styles that are versatile and subtle. Such trendy pieces of eyewear are found at Best Luxury Eyeglasses - Chinatown Optical Group. Imagine oversized glasses, cat-eye shape, and aviator styles—they have it all. Read along to check out this list of luxury eyeglasses, and note which ones should be added to your eyewear collection.

Here are some of the latest luxury eyewear trends for 2021:

1. Oversized Square Glasses

It seems that square lenses are timeless eyewear pieces. Their oversized proportions and thick frames are borrowed concepts from the retro-vintage fashions of the 1970s. With their square and edgy shapes, you will look highly fashionable without putting in too much effort. This luxury eyewear trend is fit for both genders, depending on the color and frame styles.

With denim, a plain tee, and some scarf as an accessory, you will be standing out with those fabulous square spectacles you have. You can wear these eyeglasses in your daily routines without being overly dressy. It is suitable to be worn in any fashion style.

2. Retro Round Glasses

This style is more commonly used by women as it complements the facial and soft features of a woman's face. Another eyewear trend that exudes a retro-feel, these round frames bring a nostalgic hint from the past. Retro round glasses come in various designs and styles. You can find novelty design elements like sparkly embellishments and bright-colored lens with different materials for its frames.

3. Trendy and Fashionable Rectangles

If you’re always on Instagram, you'll notice how popular this eyewear trend is among female models, vloggers, celebrities, and public figures. It has been having its moment by taking over our social media feeds. Although rectangle frames are nothing new, going for bolder colors and unique acetate frames will uplift your overall style.

Aside from the flare of fashionable trends for 2021, the eyes need to be highly fashionable too. This eyepiece is usually great to be paired with a bold red lipstick for women, making it a Hollywood-like high fashion statement.

4. Tinted Aviator

Aviators have been one of the constants in the eyewear industry. Many historical brands of eyewear carry such styles, making aviators a staple look. This style oozes a sense of luxury, despite not wearing dressy clothes. With a simple shirt and jeans, you can pull-off looking as handsome and beautiful as ever.

There are many varieties of colors available as tints for aviator sunglasses. From subtle hues to full-blown dark shades, you can find the right style for your face. This seems to be a must-have for anyone because it will surely never go out of style.

5. Cat Eye

This style of eyepiece reappears in the fashion world now and then. It portrays a rich and unique finish to your outfit, so many professionals and career women tend to wear it in academic or business environments. Its classic and smart style adds flair to your style in any setting.


Whatever spectacles you think would suit best on your face, remember that you must prioritize quality. Your eyewear should not only match your facial features but also protect your eyes from UV rays and other external factors outdoors. Now that you have known the latest eyewear trends, you can begin your search on adding some new pieces to your eyewear collection.