Las Vegas Themed Party Ideas for Girls

Make your stay unforgettable.


If you’re looking for a fun way to plan a girls' night, then Las Vegas party packages and hotel-themed party ideas for girls are a fantastic way to do it. There are so many ways to throw a themed party in Las Vegas, whether it’s a weekend getaway or you have friends visiting from New Zealand. Whatever the case, there are plenty of theme ideas to have a fun time with your friends. So if you and your friends are thrill lovers who adore fun and online gambling in the best online casinos from top lists, then Las Vegas is definitely your best party destination. In this post, we are going to share with you top Las Vegas-themed party ideas for girls to make your stay unforgettable.

#1 - Carnival Strip Parties

If you’re planning a girls' night in Vegas, then throwing a party in the famous ‘Carnival Strip’ will be a massive hit! Whether you have a group of friends staying nearby for a weekend getaway or you’re visiting Vegas for the first time, the Carnival Strip area will become your new home. This area is full of theme parties and plenty of parties to attend throughout the day.

There’s a reason why you’re planning to party in Las Vegas, but here are a few reasons why the Carnival Strip should be your first stop when planning your girls' night. There are more parties on offer than ever before. Since 2000, new nightclubs have been opening, and the ones that already existed have been completely refurbished, with over 300 clubs now open on the Strip. There are a lot more free parties and events to attend throughout the night, meaning you won’t be able to get bored.

#2 - A Vegas Party in the Night

Las Vegas night-time entertainment has always been very popular. It's the sort of entertainment that can keep people coming back for more, and even be the main reason why a person comes to Vegas in the first place. It is certainly a big part of the Vegas experience, but as a Las Vegas party for girls, we can't think of anything better than to have a night-time themed party where your guests are entertained by Las Vegas stars in the show.

Some of the most popular Vegas showstoppers can often be found dancing on the tables of your casino night. So if you cannot imagine your life without the best bitcoin casino games, then you can kill two birds with one stone. You can have such a spectacular event with your friends that it will remind you of how real the Vegas lifestyle is.

There are all sorts of great performers who can give your themed party the great touch of drama and fun that Vegas night-time entertainment is known for. If you want to show off your Vegas night at its best, we suggest you have a show-stopping performance by a group who act out famous ladies from the entertainment world.

#3 - Las Vegas Gem and Diamonds Night

What girl doesn't love Las Vegas-style jewelry? So when it comes to a themed party for girls, you can't go wrong by putting together a Vegas-themed party where your guests are dressed to the nines in glamorous Las Vegas style jewelry. It would be an amazing event, and there are many ways you can do this.

You could give each girl a set of gold jewelry in the style of diamond necklaces and matching earrings, and a matching dress. If you have the budget for it, you can add real diamond rings for every girl as well. And if you do it this way, you can make the most of the money that you would have spent on the party. Another great idea for a party is to have a set of beautiful gem and diamond jewelry made for your guests to wear, but this time you can choose the colors and design of the jewelry. This could be a real treat for your guests to see.

#4 - The Vegas Cocktail Party

Do you have friends who like to drink? If so, you can plan a great Vegas party where your guests drink their favorite beverages as well as indulge in some good food. We are big fans of all things related to bars. And this is the time of year when we like to celebrate these venues and bars, but you can create your own version of this theme as well. 

You could have the best bar in the world, as you plan a great party where you invite your friends to drink and do their favorite activities with you. If you want to give your party an extra bit of glamor, you can have the bar located in the midst of a great casino. You can do some great party favors that will add some flair to the Vegas theme. If you have a theme where you focus on the drink, you could have a drink that has something a bit magical or mystical in it. If you have a theme that involves gambling, you can make your bar special by having a casino in the bar, so you can play the games in the bar with your guests as you plan your party. Feel free to check the look and feel of the best casinos at OnlineCasinoGo

#5 - Party Packages with Extras

If you want to create the most spectacular party that you can have, you could really have a good time if you have an idea that has a few extra features that will make the party fun. You could make your themed party more exciting with the inclusion of extras. There are so many ways that you could add some flair and excitement to your party. We have created some great ideas for a great Vegas theme party, but you could include all sorts of extras that you can offer at your party to add some extra fun and excitement:

  • Great entertainers - To make your party really stand out and to really be the star of the night, you could include some really spectacular entertainment. We suggest you use entertainers that you can hire to wow your guests with their performance. If you can get a celebrity impersonator, you can be sure that your guests will be impressed with this entertainment. If you have a small budget for your party, then you can also bring your own entertainer. You could dress your entertainer up in all the best costumes you can afford;
  • Great Party Favors - There are many great party favors that you can put together for your party. You could have party favors like a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne or champagne with a glass or two. These can be great for your party, and they will really make your guests feel special. You could also give out special gifts to your guests, like some nice jewelry;
  • Great Party Games -  You should also include some exciting entertainment in your Vegas party so that you can really entertain the crowd. You can have a great magician, a hypnotist, or a Vegas-style illusionist as part of your party entertainment. You could have a Vegas show as well. But if you have the time to plan ahead, you could have a great group performance by a famous Vegas star. This is the sort of entertainment that will really bring the atmosphere to life, and you will have a real party for all of your guests to enjoy. 

You can have great themed parties for many different occasions, so you will have fun planning the most special party for your guests. We know that you will have fun planning your own party, and you can also look around for themed party ideas to make it easy. You can choose some of the great themed party ideas that we have put together and organize the party of your dreams. 

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