Knockout: The Jewelry Brand That’s Styled For Self Defense

Rings that pack a punch.


Whilst we all wish for a safer world for women the reality is that most of us carry some kind of self defense tool on us at all times- be it pepper spray or our keys. Jewelry brand, Knockout, is here to offer a subtle and stylish solution to standard safety aids. The jewelry is designed to bring you confidence when walking alone, and to help get you out of trouble if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Knockout’s founder, Kate Davis, designed a range of rings with sharp edges that double up as a safety tool. Whilst she doesn’t market them as a weapon per-se, the pieces are as functional as they are stylish, and will definitely help to provide the wearer with some peace of mind. 

Depending on your country's regulations, safety tools are not always super accessible. When designing the jewellery, Davis says that her main consideration was “to create a functional accessory that women put on with their other jewelry before leaving the house, that was also fashionable enough to transition from a work environment to a nice restaurant or date, or from a college student’s class to a party.”

The rings are sharp enough to use them if ever you need to, but also comfortable enough to wear everyday and not scratch yourself. Some (like the TKO) will lay flat on your hand, but once you flip them, the pointed edge will act as protection, and some (like Jab) have pointed edges as part of their design. 

Despite their useful function, Davis’ hope is that no one will have to use them. “The main intention is that you feel safer knowing you have a sharp edge available on your hand, and you project that confidence outward when you’re walking home at night or going to a party (post-COVID).”


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