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KITH Women Launches A Beauty Quickstrikes Collection

Curated beauty themed products.


Inspired by limited edition sneaker drops, KITH women as unveiled its new Beauty Quickstrikes program. Designed as a monthly program, Quickstrikes is a collection of beauty items that have been curated by KITH Women based on themes or the latest trends on the market, aiming to help women fill in the gaps of their current wellness and beauty routines with a range of brand new products.


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With their launch this month, the first theme is ingestibles which supports the idea that beauty comes from within. The ingestibles collection features products that target different wellness aspects such as skin, sleep and immunity and is made up of products from Cap Beauty, Crushed Tonic, The Neu Co, and Moon Juice. 

With prices ranging from $50 - $120, the KITH Beauty Quickstrikes are available now both online and in stores.


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