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How-To: Super-Easy Kith X Champion Collaborative Nail Art

Chic nails for streetwear girls.


Did you catch the surprise Champion collab at the Kith New York Fashion Week show? Awesome. Zoom in and even the models' manicures were poppin'; the red, white and blue stripey Champion-logo look was an instant winner. Thankfully, Coveteur got to get a sneak peek at the beauty test before the show, sharing a super-easy step-by-step tutorial from nail artist Alicia Torello using Essie. Here's how to get the look!


Step 1: Start with a clear base



Give your nails a good buff and apply a clear base coat – it looks cool when the stripes float on a clear background.



Step 2: Paint your ring finger white



This is going to be the nail accent. It doesn't have to be your ring finger, but this always looks great. Here Alicia uses Essie “Blanc.”



Step 3: Draw athletic stripes on the other nails



For the remaining nails, draw on those sporty go-faster stripes at the center of the nail in blue and red. Alicia recommends using a skinny, fine-tip “striper” nail brush from Amazon for this precision look and laying the brush down close to the nail while dragging it upwards. Start with the red (Essie “Really Red”) and follow with the blue (Essie “Butler Please”) as it's darker.


Step 4: Make a red semi-circle on the accent nail



Start the accent nail design with a little red half-circle over the “moon” of your nail.



Step 5: Top it with a blue line



Using that same skinny brush, top the semi-circle with a blue line, again holding the brush down almost on its side.



Step 6: Trace your cuticle for the perfect “C”



The cuticle is just the right curve to trace – all you need to do is follow the shape around to the end of the nail in a horseshoe shape to complete the Champion “C.”



Step 7: Perfect the shape



Thicken the edges of the “C” a little as above and follow with a good top coat to keep it lasting for longer. Et voilà! You're the champion!


Source: coveteur.com