Kings Of Indigo Introduces The Limited Capsule Collection #EqualPockets

A symbol for equal pay.


The widespread metaphor of deeper pockets standing for wealth was combined with a fashion insight, that became a topic within social media lately: The pockets on women’s jeans are on average around 48% smaller than on men’s jeans — as if they were tailored for their significantly lower and unfair salaries.

The collection is consisting of three women’s jeans of which the front pockets are lengthened with extra lining to match the pocket of an average man’s jeans. The lining of the enlarged “equal” pockets is designed by Dutch illustrator Salimah Gablan, who created artwork with empowering visuals and motivational quotes from famous strong women known to stand up for themselves. As well as the new lining, the limited jeans collection is branded with a special #EqualPockets patch and comes with three statement campaign badges for accessorizing.

As a label producing all clothes in a sustainable way from factory to retail, Kings of Indigo will use all of the profits earned from sales for projects that support equality in payment in collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation.

The first limited edition of the #EqualPockets Collection is available to pre-order online and will be available in stores soon.


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