Kim Kardashian Tries ‘British Chav’ Makeup On TikTok

Is Kim the funniest Kardashian sister?


Kim Kardashian is known for changing up her look on the regular. Whether it's blonde hair and a Marilyn Monroe dress, bleached eyebrows, or nose rings for Fashion Week, the Skims founder is a style chameleon. But one look many of us were not expecting her to try was the early Noughties' chav' makeup.

Kim Kardashian uploaded a video to TikTok on January 17 of herself applying makeup to the sounds of 'M to the B' by Millie B, a Blackpool rapper who released the song back in 2016 when she was just 16 years old. 

The viral trend first took off in 2020 when the #mtothebchallenge involved users adopting a look that became synonymous in Britain with 'chav' subculture. The aesthetic typically linked to 'chavs' was thick foundation, unblended contouring, thick eyebrows, false eyelashes, very light lipstick with darker lip liner, and hair tied into a topknot. 



♬ original sound - Kim Kardashian

In the video, Kim starts by chewing gum and piling her hair onto the top of her head. She then thickens her dark eyebrows into a haphazard shape and pours foundation onto her cheeks. She adds a much lighter concealer under her eyes, adds dark contouring on her cheeks, and a pale pink lip gloss. 

Fans were quick to comment on Kim's new look. One wrote, "The Kategory is UK," while another eagle-eyed fan spotted Kim using her sister's cosmetics line to achieve the trend, writing, "Kylie is going to send a cease and desist for using a Kylie Cosmetics." 

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