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Keeping Up With Kylie’s Fraud

She could be, maybe, potentially, facing time in jail.


Last year, Forbes announced Kylie Jenner to be the ‘youngest self-made billionaire’, however, not so long an investigation revealed Jenner’s net worth may not be as much as she first claimed. Forbes since has revoked her billionaire status and has implied she could have been inflating her success.

Jenner has faced a lot of scrutiny and backlash surrounding her net worth, and now, she could reportedly face jail time if she forged or falsified her company Kylie Cosmetics’ tax documents to the government.

This may all be speculation based on tabloids, as, according to The Sun, Adam Michael Sacks, a criminal defense attorney, claims that if she had been ‘dumb enough’ to submit forged documents, she would be looking at some ‘serious jail time’, perhaps even five years. Although, as we know, Prison for a Kardashian/Jenner child probably looks more like a clinical retreat.

No one actually knows Jenner’s tax information, so we’re not too sure how this public scandal has come about, however, Jenner herself did take to Twitter to address all the speculation:

"'Even creating tax returns that were likely forged' That's your proof? Do you just THOUGHT they were forged?" she added. "Like actually what am I reading."


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