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Kanye Redesigns Chicago Store In Light Of Zhe Yeezy X Gap collaboration

Let’s go back, back to the GAP.


The next instalment of the somewhat unexpected, but exciting, Yeezy X Gap collaboration has been delivered to us in giant hand written letter form, covering the side of the Chicago Gap store. 

In Ye’s message that surfaced over the weekend, he informs us that ‘this is the Gap store I used to shop at.’ In fact, this is also the store he worked at in his youth which he alludes to in his track ‘spaceship’ with the lyric ‘Let’s go back, back to the Gap.’ You could even say this was his foreshadowing to this very collaboration!

Kanye’s design vision will not only be in the collection, but will also contribute to how the collection is presented in store. As he has told the streets of Chicago in his store side message ‘I put my heart into the colour palette and every detail.’ We can take it that this is the first dose of the detail he speaks of, about what we can expect from this new partnership. 

So far we know that the collection is going to include affordable women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, but notably no sneakers so as not to tread on his successful Yeezy X adidas range. With the collection not dropping until 2021 we will have to hold tight to see what else is in store for this new clothing line. But for now this new Chicago store redesign is enough to get us speculating on what the new collaboration will have to offer, as wife and lawyer-in-training Kim Kardashian-West would say, the Jury’s out on this one!


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