Is Mobile Gaming Actually Worth It? 

Millions of people around the world have become mobile gamers.


Alongside shopping for sneakers online and swiping right on Tinder, millions of people around the world have become mobile gamers. In fact, mobile gaming is booming these days, as more and more of us discover its solid all-round entertainment package. 

For many diehard gamers who prefer console gaming options and gaming on a PC, the miniature-sized screen and limited graphics of smartphone gaming compared to a more powerful alternative make it impossible to warm to. While this is understandable in some respects, the fact that we’re able to access a diverse selection of games on devices that are essentially communication tools is quite remarkable. Now, alongside downloading apps, millions of people on earth are discovering the delights of mobile gaming. But is it actually worth it? Let’s take a look below. 

Mobile games have improved massively 

Given the dramatic improvements made in smartphone devices produced by the likes of Apple and Samsung, mobile games developers have managed to improve the array of games they’re releasing too. While console and PC gamers generally serve up more detail and all-round sophistication, the fact that some of the most famous titles in the gaming sphere are now available to session on a smartphone device is hugely impressive. For example, PC and console games like Fortnite and PUBG have successfully transitioned over to the mobile category of gaming, resulting in humongous success for both. 

When looking at PUBG, for instance, the game is one of the most notable examples of a PC title now shining on a smartphone device, with the hugely popular product having 511.6 million active monthly players on average and 42.6 million daily active players at the time of writing. Alongside the emergence of console-quality games on a modern-day mobile is a selection of other appealing options, such as an online casino VIP experience and innovative augmented reality creations like Pokemon Go. In truth, though, a quick search on the App Store and in Google Play showcases the amount of options mobile gamers have in 2022. The days of playing basic titles like Snake on chunky old Nokia devices are long gone, aren’t they? 

It’s a lot cheaper 

As highlighted already, passionate PC and console gamers are struggling to warm to mobile gaming’s overall package, but it’s certainly appealing to more casual audiences. In fact, the stereotypical image of a gamer has changed somewhat as more and more adults and the elderly discover mobile gaming. Given the fact that most of us own a smartphone device these days anyway, it has therefore opened up gaming opportunities in the process. People can share a Tweet online and reply to a WhatsApp message, before diving into an array of mobile gaming products when boredom takes over. The games on offer are cheap, too, with many releases being completely free or offering in-app purchases that are optional most of the time. When looking at the average cost of a PlayStation 5 or a sophisticated PC gaming setup, it puts many people off. Given the solid entertainment on offer and the cheaper all-round cost, mobile gaming is therefore a viable gaming option for many people at the moment. 

You can game anywhere 

Another reason why mobile gaming is appealing to more and more people is due to its aforementioned improved package, but also due to the fact that many of the games can accompany us throughout a typical day. Whether you’re relaxing on a lunch break or winding down in the evening after a testing time on the soccer field, you can immerse yourself into a mobile gaming title with ease and enjoy the portable nature of it.