Is ‘Don’t Look Up’ Becoming Our Reality?

Television interviews with climate activist, Miranda Whelehan, bare an eerie resemblance to Adam Mckay’s apocalypse comedy.


Anyone who has seen Adam McKay’s 2021 Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Don’t Look Up’, know how painfully frustrating the film is. A group of astronomers try to warn the world about an extinction level asteroid heading towards Earth; but struggle to get anyone to take them seriously. 

Tuning into Good Morning Britain last week, viewers were met with a scenario that bared a striking resemblance to the situation portrayed in the film. Miranda Whelehan, an activist for Just Stop Oil, pleads with the audience to understand the urgency of the situation; with other members of the panel dismissing her. 

Whelehan tries over and over again to get her point across, being constantly interrupted by the presenters, Richard Madeleley & Ranvir Singh and fellow panelist, Lowri Turner.  

The segment is incredibly frustrating to watch. As Whelehan tries desperately to illustrate the severity of the situation, she is bombarded by patronizing, pedantic questions by Richard Madeley; who suggests that the movements name and central ethos is over simplistic and trivial. 

Just Stop Oil, are an activist group striving to halt the beginning of any new gas and oil projects. The group have faced mass criticism after protesting at petrol stations, preventing people from purchasing fuel across the UK.

As disruption continues, hopefully people will begin to understand how dire the climate situation truly is. 

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