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Is Beauty Artificial?

Is Beauty Artificial?

It is when it’s done by AI.


The first in print cover for Dazed Beauty magazine features make-up mogul Kylie Jenner in colorful make-up done by a machine. 

The magazine was launched as a response to the difficult definition of ‘beauty’ and for its final print magazine cover has shared several star-studded, digitally enhanced images. 

This cover features a beauty shot of Kylie with pastel pink hair and matching lips, which multi-colored eye shadow – one eye open and one closed, seeming to melt down her face. For a beauty publication – she is the perfect cover star. With a million-dollar beauty empire, a fleet of Instagram followers, and arguably the lips that started the biggest beauty buzz of the decade. 

The image was created in collaboration with beauty_GAN who create Artificial Intelligence programs which generate beauty images by analyzing what Instagram posts suggest we deem to be ‘attractive’. 

The rest of her shoot features more of these digitally altered images. 

This Dazed Beauty issue; Issue 0 is available for pre-order here, or from the stockists listed here. 

There are several more futuristic covers to choose from; Slick Woods as an avatar, Travis Scott and Kate Moss as Centaurs and P-Oriddge being an androgynous icon. 


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