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Interior Design Bootcamp For New Real Estate Agents

6 tips to help you embrace interior design with open arms!


Are you making your way into the real estate market as a new agent? You need more than an ability to pick up clients and houses to list. With your clients and inventory, you need to work interior design to make those homes as appealing as possible to the masses. 

When done properly, interior design can help to make a house as appealing as possible. It goes beyond accessorizing and decorating as well. Let us dig into some tips to help you get ready like a real estate agent to embrace interior design with open arms.


Start Empty

When you approach an interior design project, you want to start with a clean slate. Think of it like a painter starting with a blank canvas, or an author starting with an empty book. Start with wall paints, windows, as well as how you are going to assess the lighting, which we will touch on next. Following that, you can fill up the room to replicate your true vision.


Know Lighting is the Key to Any Home

Lighting is essential when it comes to interior design and home decorating. You want to ensure every single room has at least three different lights. Eliminating shadows can go a long way to help illuminate a room, make it pop and feel bigger.

The best way to do this is with a combination of sconces, recessed lighting and chandeliers. Make sure each room is adequately lit to let it pop for home buyers.


Invest in Some Unique Urban Furniture

You want to go with furniture that is completely unique. But what you want to avoid is a furniture set that is the same from room to room. Instead, go with one piece of furniture from one urban furniture set and another piece from a different set. When you start to mesh them all together with your other décor, you will have a natural look to the house that is also full of character and unique appeal.

Provide Color Rather Than Neutral Appearances

The common thought by many real estate agents is that you want neutral colors. You do not want to have clients refuse a home because they hate the color of the kitchen, for example. What you can do instead is to get color into a room with things such as furniture, décor, accent pillows. With these, you can add pop and color on top of those neutral colors you have with paint on the walls.


Find Décor to Surprise

You want home buyers to remember the house. If it is the fourth or fifth open house of the day, how are they going to remember the home you have on the market? One of the ways to do that is to go with décor that carries a lot of surprises. Try and find unique pieces of décor that will stand out to homebuyers, that will help them remember the house and why they had so much enjoyment inside.


Work Toward Your Interior Design Vision

Interior design is an art, and as a real estate agent, it is one you want to start practicing early in your career. With proper interior design tactics, you can take an unappealing home and make it one of the hottest on the market. You need to think outside the box, have a vision and then work toward that vision with lighting, colors, urban furniture and anything else you have at your disposal. Take advantage of the opportunities interior design tactics produce and reap the benefits as a real estate agent.


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