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Here’s How To Make Your Tiny Apartment Look Spacious

Five expert style tips for city centre living.


Moving to a new city can feel so exhilarating and exciting; the streets are busier, the opportunities better, everything feels bigger than before. Except from your apartment, which feels kinda like a shoebox. If you’ve tried rearranging your room to no avail and that big old wardrobe in the corner just won’t budge, then don’t worry as we’ve got plenty of design tips and ideas to make your city-centre flat feel both spacious and stylish.

Hang some mirrors

Interior designer and co-founder of award winning blog, Topology, Amy Brandhorst, says that hanging a mirror opposite a window is a totally cost effective and simple way of making a room appear bigger. “Experiment with where you would like to hang your mirror and see where it reflects the most light around the room- the more natural light reflected, the lighter and more spacious the room will look.”

You can find plenty of cool, original mirrors at flea markets and upholster them with a quick lick of paint for a budget friendly way of brightening up your room.

Dark colours are NOT the enemy

White and light colours might seem like the logical choice for a seemingly spacious room, however Amy suggests, that dark colours are definitely not the enemy and can sometimes work better in small spaces. “Don’t be daunted by the idea of dark shades, as they can blur and disguise the actual size of the room and make it seem bigger than it really is.”

If you are renting your place and painting the walls isn’t an option, incorporate accessories like throws and cushions in navy or grey colours to add depth to the room.

Place your plants carefully

Adding a bit of greenery to your pad can make it seem bigger, though try not to overcrowd your space with plants (as tempting as it might be). Amy suggests purchasing one interesting and preferably tall plant that will act as a focal point and make the room appear taller at the same time. “Place the plant at the furthest point away from the door and pick one with a bit of height to make the room appear both bigger and with higher ceilings. Fig trees, Yuccas and Dracaenas are all great choices.”


It might seem like it goes without saying, but sometimes we need reminding: ditch the clutter and invest in some storage. There’s no need to rush out and purchase the biggest storage bed money can buy, be clever about it. Amy says that “often people opt for boxes or wardrobes to hide their clutter and forget about all the space that they have on their walls. Instead of hiding your books, frames and trinkets under the bed, utilise your wall space and organise your clutter with wall storage. Things like pegboards, floating shelves, hooks and rails are all good options for when your tight on floor space.”

Invest in some space-savvy furniture

When it comes to the furniture, less is most definitely more. Amy advises sticking to a minimalist look if you have a small space and opting for “weightless” furniture; “instead of a bulky wardrobe, choose a sleek clothing rail and go for sofas and chairs that look weightless or are transparent, this will make the room appear bigger by allowing light to flow through the furniture.”

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