3 Incredibly Unique, Luxury Gambling-Style Watches

Catch the eye of anyone partial to gambling.


Watches are an item that are often associated with gambling, and it turns out there are some high-end unique luxury watches available that would catch the eye of anyone partial to gambling.

Girard-Perregaux Jackpot Tourbillon

This incredibly unique watch made by Girard Perregaux features a built-in slot machine. At first glance, the watch may appear as somewhat of a gimmick. However, its design and style actually integrate well with the built-in slot and the watch has a polished look about it. The watch is 43.5 x 43.95mm in diameter and has a rectangle clock face that suits the design. In terms of functionality of the slot machine, it is activated by the handle on the side of the watch, that replicates the arm of a bandit machine.

Using the Girard-Perregaux Jackpot Tourbillon as an alternative to an actual slot machine or an online slot machine of course does not give the same experience, but similarities can be drawn. The experience of a genuine game of chance that can be emulated with the built-in slot on the Jackpot Tourbillon. Although, the chance of hitting the ‘jackpot’ is 125 to 1, considerably lower than something more game dynamic-focused like winner bingo slots or the majority of slot based jackpots. That's the appeal, it is neither a watch nor a casino game, but both; a sophisticated amalgamation of the two. 

The Girard Perregaux Jackpot Tourbillon is valued at around $625k and comes in a casing made of pink gold.

Azimuth Roulette

The Azimuth roulette watch features a fully functioning roulette wheel which could be an enticing feature to people even only slightly interested in gambling. The crown of the watch is in the shape of a dice, which will activate the roulette ball on the face of the watch when pushed. Another unique feature of the watch is that the seconds indicator is in the form of the roulette table spinning handle, which really adds to the style and theme of the watch. The functionality of the watch is bound to attract viewers, and the layout allows the roulette wheel to stand out whilst also not obstructing the number indicators on the face of the clock.

The Azimuth Roulette watch is valued at $4,500. If the Roulette style watch isn’t for you, Azimuth have a range of watches that of a different style, in addition to more luxury gambling watches.

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack

The 21 Blackjack watch by Christophe Claret is a fascinating watch that comes with a built-in Blackjack system. The face of the watch contains four spaces for playing cards to be drawn, and 3 spaces for dealer cards to be drawn to. The Blackjack function is operated by 3 buttons located on the side of the watch, 2 of which allow the player and dealer to draw, as well as a fresh deal button. What’s even more remarkable, is that on the back of the watch is a functioning roulette wheel, allowing for both these popular casino games to be played via the watch.

The Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack is valued at $178k, made of 5N red gold and black PVD-treated 5 graded titanium, and has a black alligator strap.

These three luxury gambling watches are a high-end fashion statement that mix unique functionality and design. These watches can be a dream for some gamblers and could be a must-have by high rollers.


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