How to Use Weed During the Holidays

The good green herb.


Despite it being March just yesterday, the winter holidays are fast upon us. Hopefully, you have included some friends and family in your COVID bubble, so you won’t be compelled to spend the next couple festive months all alone.

Yet, as joyous as it might be to spend some time around those you love, you also need to think about how your habits might be forced to change. In particular, if you have become accustomed to partaking of the good green herb a bit more frequently than you did in the past — regarding which you aren’t alone, by the way — you might need to make a plan for using weed come the holiday season.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the holiday season, to keep it merry and bright for all involved.

Consider the 420-friendliness of Your Holiday Crowd

Just because you have been a stoner for several years doesn’t mean everyone in your friends-and-family circle is accommodating of the cannabis lifestyle. Undoubtedly, you have some loved ones who know about your favorite hobby and perhaps even partake themselves. Equally undoubtedly, you have a good number of loved ones who don’t know about your love of the good green herb and won’t tolerate you using in and around their holiday festivities.

Ideally, you will navigate toward holiday parties and events where enjoying the good kush is not prohibited. Then, you should be able to use openly and even talk about narcotics news. However, just because you are attending holiday gatherings with anti-420 friends and/or family doesn’t mean you need to survive the holidays stone-cold sober — it merely means you need to be more strategic about your stoner lifestyle.

Consider What You Truly Need

Before you equip yourself to enjoy weed during holiday activities, you should think long and hard about what you truly need to get through the season. This will help ensure that you have the right supplies to relax and enjoy the holidays as you should.

For some, marijuana isn’t just a fun pastime but a necessary medical treatment recommended by medical professionals. Without exception, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about using weed if you need it to manage a health condition, and you should talk candidly about how cannabis is helping you with any and all naysayers.

If you are in the recreational camp, you might need to be a bit more discerning. You might compare the benefits of CBD vs. THC: CBD will help calm any social anxiety you experience at holiday gatherings while allowing you to keep your head on straight, but THC will make you feel good, if a little loopy, in body and mind. Regardless of what you decide you need, it might be wise to limit yourself to a lower dosage of THC to avoid becoming the holiday fool.

Consider the Most Discreet Methods

Finally, you don’t want to smoke out your holiday party — unless it is a gathering of like-minded 420 aficionados. Thus, you probably don’t want to bring your flashiest bong to holiday festivities; instead, you should opt for more discreet methods of dosing, which will keep you appropriately high without impacting anyone else’s holiday experience. Some of the best use methods for discretion include:

Edibles. Most pre-made edibles found in dispensaries are remarkably potent, so a small nibble will get you brilliantly buzzed. However, you should be careful to take your edible before you arrive, or else you should hide the edible from others, who might be curious about the treat you brought from home.

Oils and tinctures. Oils and tinctures can be mixed into food and drink or administered under the tongue for fast absorption. These are more medical applications for those who need regular doses of cannabinoids to manage conditions.

Vapes. Depending on your vape rig, you might be able to take inconspicuous sips, or you might rip huge cotton clouds. However, because marijuana vape doesn’t have the telltale skunky odor, you can explain your rig as regular-old nicotine, which is a bit more publicly acceptable.

Hash can make the holidays so much happier — but only if you know how to manage your hobby around those who might not be supportive. By recognizing your needs and equipping yourself appropriately, you should survive the holidays and get joyously stoned.