How To Take Care of Your Skin In The Winter

The harsh cold temperatures can dry out your skin.


Our skin needs to be looked after all year round but extra care and attention should be given to your skincare regime in the winter. The harsh cold temperatures can dry out your skin leaving them more susceptible to cracks and itchy dry patches. Here are some great tips to take care of your skin in the chilly winter months.  

Hand Cream 

Hands get a lot of daily wear and tear during our lives. In the winter, they can easily become chapped and sore. Taking care to apply hand cream daily can help your skin feel soft and protected. Pick a fragrant cream that you enjoy to make the routine more pleasurable and massage into your hands with a gentle rub. Try to avoid using baby wipes with tough chemicals on your hands and always wear gloves when doing the washing up as washing up liquid can irritate the skin. 

Lip Balm 

If you want to maintain your healthy-looking smile during the winter season, then apply lip balm regularly. Licking your lips will only further exacerbate chapped lips, irritating them and keeping them dry. A balm provides a seal around the lips allowing them to replenish and restore to their healthier appearance. If your cracked lips continue to get worse and do not heal with lip balm then seek medical advice to rule out causes other than the weather or excessive licking.

Lukewarm Showers

On freezing cold days, there is nothing more appealing than stepping into a steaming hot shower to let the water reheat your body. However, a lukewarm shower has proven health benefits and will be better for your skin. Heat can dissolve natural oils within the skin that protect it against wind and biting cold temperatures. In extreme conditions, dry skin can lead to inflammation of the skin and eczema. Lukewarm showers will protect the natural oils within the skin while still leaving you feeling clean and fresh. 

Layer Your Clothes

In the winter, we need to wear fabrics that are more durable and will retain heat. However, coarse fabrics can irritate the skin. Coarse, scratchy fabrics like wool knits might look fantastic and keep you warm, but that itch is the fabric rubbing against the skin and creating damaging friction. Use a layer of a softer fabric like breathable cotton or polyester to protect the skin when wearing heavy knitted jumpers or scarves. 

Stay Hydrated

Your skin needs moisture from the inside, as well as the outside. Drink plenty of water. According to Healthline, our skin is 30% water. We need to drink water more when our skin is feeling dry or sore. Drinking water will help moisturize the skin and restore its health. 

Finally, remember that you should still try to keep up your usually healthy routines in the winter. Winter might feel like a great time to eat lots and stay up late watching TV under a blanket, but your skin won’t thank you for it. Get out and about, exercise, eat healthily, and try to get a good amount of sleep each night.