How To Stay Safe When You Talk To Strangers Online

Those you don't know in person at all.


Nowadays, stress may be considered a part of some people’s daily living. You may have to do tasks that sometimes exhaust you to the core. People have different ways to recover their lost energy. It could be by playing video games, watching movies, sleeping, reading books, or listening to their favorite music. However, one of the most classic yet effective options that you may do is talk to someone.

Talking to someone can let you express yourself without much fear of getting misjudged. This may be a person who listens to whatever you would like to share and understands your struggle. Sharing your personal experience with someone you know might make you uncomfortable, though. Therefore, you may want to consider talking to a stranger online instead.

The idea may sound good, yet it can be risky. Strangers are those you don't know in person at all. Expressing your problems to them, for example, might put you in a terrible situation as they can take advantage of what they’ll hear from you or use it against you in the end.

Nonetheless, if you're cautious enough, you can still stay safe when talking to strangers online. Checking out these tips may help you out:

Use Automated Chatting Websites

Automated chatting websites allow you to talk to strangers through video or text. The good thing about them is that they don't require you to put your name and other personal information to begin.

In general, once you start using one, you'll be marked as 'you' and the person you're talking to as 'stranger.' You'll be anonymous. The site will find a stranger that you can have a conversation with relative ease.

In addition, if the stranger the site gets for you makes you feel uncomfortable, you can safely end the conversation by pressing 'end.' These sites have their rules and regulations that protect their users. You may report a stranger to their moderator so they can ban the person's device from navigating their website for a while. You may also talk to as many strangers as you like.

Aside from that, other sites also allow you to put your interests if you like to talk to someone with a similar personality as you have. That way, even before the conversation starts, you and that person may have a common ground to begin. Popular web pages are free to use, too. You may browse for them online.

Use A Dummy Account

This one may sound tricky to you. However, if you somehow find a stranger that you're talking to as entertaining or worth chatting with, you might look for an opportunity for you to have a conversation with that person from time to time. Even if you feel comfortable with a stranger after you start talking, it's still premature to conclude that the person is dependable.

By creating a dummy account, an account that doesn't show your real name and other personal information, you may still keep in touch with strangers you intend to talk to without compromising your identity.

You can make one through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Don't Mention Your Actual Location

Not everyone is trustworthy. Others may cause potential harm to you and your loved ones if they know where you are. You may mention the state where you are from so you wouldn't sound rude, but you mustn't give your address to strangers.

If a stranger you're talking to happens to be someone with a questionable background, that person might suddenly come over to your place without notice to damage your household. Some of the most common stranger-related crimes today are human trafficking, sexual assault, and robbery.

Find A Match

As you may notice, these tips intend to keep your identity private from others. As long as your identity is a secret from strangers, you're free to express yourself with little to no negative consequences. Even though strangers aren't trustworthy, some may prove themselves in time. Everyone that you now know, like your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues, started from being a stranger to you, too.

Your parents may have introduced themselves to you when you were still a kid. You may have met your friends from a public playground or at school. Your colleagues may have offered to lend a hand for a task in your office.

To know if the stranger you wish to treasure is trustworthy enough, talking to him for a couple of weeks or months may help you observe his true personality and allow you to determine his true intentions. Don't rush, and have fun along the way.