How To Stay Productive (And Sane) During Social Isolation

Couple tips from us on how to avoid playing hours of The Sims in the dark in bed.


Due to the on-going developments surrounding COVID-19, many of you may find yourself working from home in the upcoming weeks, and we are here to provide you with some tips to bring you some kinda' comfort during these uncertain times!!! 

Working from home may seem like a luxurious dream to some, but to others, it's (understandably) hell-on-earth. Although it has its perks, working from home can become tedious, boring, and lonely very quickly - and feelings of anxiety can be magnified during times of extreme panic like this.

It’s way too easy to fall into bad habits when in social isolation, finding yourself in 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' binge-watching sessions, or wasting away under your covers, drinking soda and playing 'The Sims', until the early hours of the morning. So, try out these 8 tips to keep sane, healthy and motivated in the weeks ahead!


#1 Put on your WFH uniform & start the day!

Let’s not kid ourselves here. It is way too tempting to hang around in your PJs all day, especially at the beginning of your work-from-home period. We know being comfy is the most attractive thing in the world right now. But you gotta’ go get dressed babe! We repeat, NO PJs. 

We ain’t telling you to be Insta ready and put on your best power suit, but a transition from bedtime to work time is necessary, for a successful day at work. You can still stay cozy and change into sweatpants and a big Tee - just get out of that silky nightwear -you’ll immediately feel more motivated to get shit done! 

Just spend your mornings as you would if you skrtttt-ing out the door, for your 7 am commute, shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and HAVE YOUR BREAKFAST. Formulating an effective morning routine is something you should implement ASAP if you haven’t already. 

Every successful person you have ever met will tell you that formulating good habits and starting your morning right, will set you on the right track for your bad-bitch day. The early bird catches the worm (not germs)!


#2 WFH doesn’t stand for ‘Work From Bed’

Even if you’ve followed tip one, there’s probably a high chance that you are already GAGGING to jump back into your comfy, warm bed, but STOP. It’s time to create a working space in your home that is comfortable for you, but also signifies that this is work time, not nap time. 

We appreciate not everyone has an at-home office space, but even a transition to the sofa or dining table will put you in the productive mindset necessary, to get your tasks done for the day. Put yourself in a space that makes you feel relaxed, but also holds all the facilities you need to work.


#3 Plan, Plan, PLAN! 

As human beings, we thrive from a structure, which is not necessarily provided whilst working from home. Many gals suffer greatly with a lack of routine, so it is important to take it upon yourselves to create a work-day structure. 

Give yourself a time to begin work and a time to finish work, making sure you make time to breathe & take a break whenever you feel overwhelmed or anxious. Make a list of the things you need to get done that day and prioritize! Whatever ain’t done can be picked up tomorrow. When the clock says you’re done, you’re done. Get yourself a well-deserved glass of wine and kick back!


#4 Treat That Body Like A Temple

Without an official daily work structure, it’s too easy to forget that your body needs fuel to; 1) Keep you productive & 2) Keep your mental health in check. So please, I beg you to take a fucking lunch break and fill your body with GOOD shit.

Here are some immune system boosters to try incorporating:

  • Vitamin C – from whole foods such as apples, carrots.
  • A lack of Zinc makes humans susceptible to disease so try; nuts, chickpeas and lentils.
  • Ginger is a magical antioxidant
  • For immune-boosting compounds, B6 & C, fill yourself up with garlic (nobody around to smell your breath tbh!)


#5 Stay Safe BUT Connected

There is no doubt that social distancing and self-isolation are difficult and lonely times, especially for those who are vulnerable or suffer from mental health problems. But remember, the world is at your fingertips virtually, and love & support is only a phone call away.

Remember the power of conversation! Use video technology to speak to your friends and family safely and responsibly & keep in contact with your colleagues.


#6 Avoid Excessive Media Consumption

This one is for the sake of your sanity gals. 

It’s super simple – limiting the time you spend online can help reduce anxiety and reading too much about the virus will make you panic. 

There is such a thing of taking in too much information, and during times of panic, there’s no need. Be informed but protect your health and wellbeing girl - that’s WAY more important.


#7 Maintain Work/’Life’ Balance

Ok, we get it. Being stuck inside for what seems to be a LONG period isn’t what we call a ‘life’ either, but we’d all be lying if we said we don’t practice forms of ‘social distancing’, from time to time. These scary times could also pave the way for some ~relaxing~ times ahead. 

Make sure you’ve followed our rule of structure! When you log off, actually log-off, as it is super easy to work long hours when working from home. 

Use this spare time you have to watch that series you’ve been dying to binge, pick up that book you’ve been saying you’ll read for months, or take up that hobby you said you would back in your New Year’s Resolutions. 

OR you could just sit, drink wine and do fucking nothing. It’s all up to you!!! Don’t feel pressured by ‘Rise and Grind’ Twitter. This is your time and you can spend it doing whatever the fuck you want. But come at 6 pm, it’s time to chill.


#8 Most Importantly! Keep Your Mental Health In Check

When we put work aside, right now the most important thing for us all to do is making sure we are safe and keeping our mental health in check.

Here are some ways you can try and calm any anxieties you have surrounding COVID-19:

  • You can still go out into your garden, go for walks in quiet areas, or just throw your window open to get some sun and fresh air.
  • Your mental health can be drastically improved by physical exercise, so use the facilities that you have available right now! Take up YouTube yoga tutorials, do an at-home workout or get your steps in doing housework! 
  • Practice gratitude by journaling and writing out morning pages. Brain dumps of all the worries and anxieties you have will help drastically reduce any stresses you are experiencing.

It’s a time to take care of yourself and others - we can get through this together!


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