How To Dress Like Tyler, The Creator With His New LE FLEUR* Collection

Unlocking Tyler's closet.


Tyler, the Creator is more than just a rapper. He's also a fashion designer who has created two clothing brands: GOLF WANG and le FLEUR*. While GOLF WANG is known for its colorful and quirky designs, le FLEUR* is a more refined and elegant line that showcases Tyler's personal style. In this article, we'll show you how to dress like Tyler, the Creator with his new le FLEUR* collection, which features some of his most iconic pieces.

The new le FLEUR* collection is modeled by Tyler himself and his friend Lil Yachty in a video lookbook that reminds us of a previous GOLF WANG season. The collection includes fur-trimmed hats, sweater vests, tailored suits, and embroidered varsity jackets. These are all items that Tyler often wears in his own outfits, and they reflect his unique blend of preppy and streetwear. The clothes are also made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making them worth the investment.

But le FLEUR* is not just a clothing brand. It also offers accessories like luggage and perfume that express Tyler's sophisticated side. The perfume, for instance, has a dreamy description that says "Dozing off in the garden, using the sun as a towel to dry off the leftover beads of lake water." le FLEUR* is the grown-up version of GOLF WANG, showing how Tyler has evolved as a fashion designer and a person.

If you want to dress like Tyler, the Creator, you can't go wrong with his new le FLEUR* collection. It will be available online on December 13 and in-store on December 9. It's a great opportunity to get a piece of Tyler's wardrobe and his personality.