How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

You aren’t going to have a pair for each outfit. 


So you need glasses. You’ve been to the optometrist, had your eye test, been given your prescription and now it’s time to choose your frames.  It’s a difficult choice.  After all, they are an investment, so you aren’t going to have a pair for each outfit.  So you’re going to need something stylish and practical which suits your face.

In the US, 75% of adults wear glasses or contact lenses.  Over 50% of women and 42% of men (Source: Vision Council of America). 

Try Before You Buy

There are many ways to find your perfect eyeglasses.  You can buy them directly from the range stocked at the optometrist or you can look online for a greater range of styles and prices. 

Buying frames online might seem like a strange thing to do, after all, they are customized to your prescription so it’s not like you can return them like a dress that doesn’t fit.  Some online retailers will allow you to put down a deposit and they will send out the frames to you to try on, without a prescription lens in them.  You simply need to try them on and send them back.  If you like them, you can then pay to have your prescription lenses added and sent back to you.  It can take a little longer, but it’s convenient for those of us who can’t get to store or live somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of choices. 

However, technology is a wonderful thing and there is another way to buy online without ending up with a frame that doesn’t suit you.   You can now try on frames virtually online.  Simply select a photo of yourself and upload it into the online software, you can then try out different styles and colors.  Shortlist your favorites and compare them before you make the final decision. 

When you are taking your photo to be uploaded, face the camera head-on, and try to have a plain background behind you so that you can see what you look like cleary.  Try taking a few photos with your hair in different styles and different makeup on.  This way you’ll be able to see what you’ll look like in a variety of situations.  A style the suits you with your hair down, might not when you have your hair pulled back. 

Buy The Right Frames For Your Face Shape

Your glasses should compliment your face shape.  Knowing what works with your face shape will save you a great deal of time as you can exclude various styles straight away. Many people worry that glasses will look out of place or ruin their looks but the right pair will enhance your look.  

Your ideal frames will balance out the more prominent aspects of your face and even out the symmetry of your face. 

Look in the mirror to decide what shape your face is.  It will fall into one of these categories.  

Round - this shape of the face can handle a wider, more angular frame which can make the face look longer and narrower. 

Avoid circular or rimless styles as they will enhance the roundness of your face. 

Oval - geometric styles that are wider than the widest part of the face can even out your face. Avoid very large lenses as they will unbalance the symmetry of your features. 

Square - this shape of this face needs a frame that will soften the angular features. Choose an oval frame to thin out the face and soften angles. Stay away from square frames as they will only accentuate the angularness of your face. 

Diamond - choosing glasses that are wider than your cheeks are great for those with narrow chins and forehead  Avoid narrow, angular frames that draw attention to your cheeks. 

Heart - your frames need to work hard to enhance the narrowness of the bottom of your face and reduce the width at the top.  Heavier frames will enhance the narrow part of your face. Avoid frames with decorative embellishments along the tops of the frames. 

Choose The Frames The Suit Your Lifestyle

You’re going to be wearing your glasses every day so they need to be suitable for your way of life. What is your daily life like? Do you have an office job or do you do something that requires you to move around a lot or bend down?  If you are outdoors a lot, you might want to consider lenses that automatically darken in sunny conditions so that you don’t have to spend money on a pair of prescription sunglasses. 

If there is a chance that they could get damaged by kids or playing a sport, then you can look at frames that are a bit more hard-wearing.  It can be costly to keep replacing them.  

Try to strike a balance between style and practicality. 

Personal Style

Your glasses are not just a tool that helps you see, they are also a part of your personal style as much as the clothes you wear or the makeup you apply.  You should feel confident, not self-conscious when wearing them.  Don’t play it safe if that’s not your personality, be true to yourself, and go with what you like.  Confidence makes any outfit! 

Buy More Than One Pair There is a great selection of frames available for you to choose from, and you can get them for a great price if you know where to look or catch the seasonal sales. This means that you could have a few pairs that are suitable for different situations.  For example, you can have a more reserved pair for the office to look professional and a colorful frame for social events.  It will mean that you don’t just have to play it safe because you’ve only got one opportunity to choose. 

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