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How To Achieve Organic Tan With Self-Tanning Products

Get that lush bronze tan.


If you want to have a sun-kissed body all year long I have e healthy suggestion for you. Use natural self-tanning products that not only will give you the tan you want but also will provide your body with the proper moisture and hydration along with many other health benefits as well. You can forget about the harmful tanning beds that might cause you serious skin problems, and indulge yourself with the fantastic results of the self-tanning products in the comfort of your home. Here is how you can get that lush bronze tan.

Choose a careful selection of products that contain natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. There are so many choices on the net, but you have to be careful of what is their purpose. For example, there are self-tanning mousses that give you an instant tan after just one hour of application. These are usually ultra rich formulas that need to be applied evenly across the body excluding the hands, feet and face. For the latter, you should only use the excess amount of the product on the mitt. And, yes, always use a self-tanning mitt to apply the product, never do it with your bare hands.

Furthermore, there are gradual tanning products that are perfect if you want to achieve organic tan. You can give a glowing boost to your radiant tan with such products and using it day after day build a gradual tan or use it as a face moisturizer to make your face glowing.

There are also products that contain a complex of Melanotone and are in the shape of drops that you can add to your favorite lotion, moisturizer, serum or oil and transform it into a tanning product. In this way, you can apply it as you normally do and get one plus benefit – you will achieve organic tan easily. These products can also be added to your tanning-lotion so that it could enhance its potency and enable you to get that tan quicker.

Self-tanning is an excellent opportunity to get ready for a special occasion in just a few hours regardless of the season. Keep in mind, though, that you need to plan to do self-tanning at home in advance as you would need to exfoliate your body prior application and you would also need a few hours afterwards – to wait for the tan to become visible and then to shower.

All in all, self-tanning products that contain natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Quandong, Vitamins A, E, Australian Kakadu Plum, Shea Butter and botanical and essential oils will make your skin smooth, scented and most importantly, healthy. You can enjoy your tan and you can be comfortable in your skin – no rash, no itchiness, no burns from tanning beds – just au naturale look that will glow radiantly wherever you go.


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