Sleeping to Look Great and Feel Better

The best makeup tool you have.


Your sleep can determine how you feel about the day ahead, and poor sleep is linked to health issues such as obesity, fatigue and mental block. But a healthy sleep can be like the best makeup tool you have. But how can it help? From a bedtime routine to stretching, here’s how.

Apply Face and Skincare Products 

Your body goes through a lot when you sleep. Your heat increases and lowers according to your sleep pattern, you move around all over the bed, and interruptions can cause you to feel awful. And all of this can take its toll on your skin, which will dehydrate as you sleep. The solution is good quality natural skincare products you can apply before bed. CBD balm in the UK is will also help soothe any aches and pains as you sleep, helping you wake up feeling ready for the day.

Try to Go to Bed at the Same Time

The first step to establishing a good night routine is going to bed at the same time. This helps your brain get in the mood for sleep and send messages to your body. Over time, you can begin getting sleepy when the time nears without even having to try. This helps you drift off much easier and begins a good night’s sleep. This can be hard at first, but try to aim for a time that’s around eight hours before you need to get up, and avoid stimulating food and drinks beforehand.

Your Sleep Can be Interrupted by Food

As mentioned, you must avoid stimulating food before going to bed. These can make your brain more active and prevent you from sleeping, much like coffee. Some of the worst foods to eat before bed include greasy snacks, sugary foods and food with caffeine, like chocolate. Other foods can also interrupt your sleep because they cause issues with your digestion or bladder. It helps to cut out dairy foods like cheese and milk, and high-carb foods like bread and pasta.

Have a Little Stretch Before Sleeping

Exercise before bed can help tire you out a little and promote a sense of sleepiness. However, you may know that most exercises actually stimulate the brain and cause energy production. So you need to make sure you are doing the right exercises that won’t interrupt your sleep. The best exercises for bedtime include light stretching, just as you would do in the morning. Toe touches, knee tucks and trunk stretches will help before taking five minutes for a quick meditation.

Revamp Your Sleeping Environment

Your bedroom plays a critical role in how well you sleep. And it can be hard to get it right. There’s nothing like a cozy bedroom, but too cozy can mean too warm. And a warm bedroom will not help your sleep. This is because your body temperature rises and falls while sleeping. You will toss and turn when it's too hot and wake up when it's too cold. The ideal bedroom temperature is around 18°C, and there should also be no distractions, noise or excessive light in the room.


A good skincare routine before bed can make your sleep part of your makeup bag. But good sleep can be interrupted if you have a bad diet, and don’t create the right sleeping environment.