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How Casinos Inspire Fashion

Cocktail chick.


Casinos have observed dress codes since their inception in the 18th century. Casino employees are always in uniform to bring out the professionalism of the premises. The outfit is also a way of maintaining discipline in the casino. This dressing style inspired people to follow fashion and considered dressing up in the casino as a way of life.

In the early days, casino goers were inspired by casino dress code to change their sense of fashion. They transformed from wearing gowns and heavy suit, adopted a more tucked, and short dresses. Then, casino employees wore suits and long dresses that were well-creased and adequately tucked in. As times changed, so did the casino fashion.

New Trends

Casino fashion changed, and female outfit went shorter while male clothing became more compact. Females in the casinos dressing in short skirts introduced the trend of wearing skirts in gambling halls. The men also started donning narrow fit dresses. Although patrons didn’t need to follow a specified style of clothes, people started being more cautious about how they dress while holding games in casinos.

Casino Inspiration in the Fashion Industry

Casinos dress code has dramatically impacted the fashion industry. The dressing style in casinos has inspired some of the world-famous fashion designers such as Michael Kors and Givenchy to organize casino-themed fashion walks. For instance, in 2017 Italian fashion house, Moschino held a Las Vegas-themed show. Here pastels, sequins, and other casino inspired clothes with a few added details walked the lamp. These dresses resembled those found in a real live casino.

Designer: Mochino. Image Credit: Vogue. 

During the event, celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Miranda Kerr walked the runway featuring neon getups. The look derived inspiration from the casino slot games. The designs also included suits smothered in sequins, orange flames, and pinup girl applique.

Casino fashion has also inspired the Karl Lagerfeld-helmed fashion house Chanel. In July 2015, during Paris Show, they delivered just that while including a casino twist. According to The Guardian, stars in the event like Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore wore “cocktail chick” looks of black and white dresses. To add a casino atmosphere, they played blackjack and poker as well as a spin roulette wheel. Chanel made this possible by bringing both the casino games and casino atmosphere to Paris.

Designer: Chanel. Image Credit: Vogue.

The connection between casinos and fashion will continue as casinos have a reputation to uphold through their strict dress code. They set the bar high through entertaining while patrons don their best threads. Some of the land-based casinos are still very strict on the dress code. One may not be able to go through the door while dressing in anything than a penguin suit or a suit and a tie.

Although women are not expected to dress in paint suits or tuxedos, they should wear something befitting and chick for a rare occasion. It’s also an opportunity for patrons to embrace fashion as they showcase their expensive outfits.

However, it’s still not clear whether these strict dress codes have an impact on the increasing participation in online casino at sites like Newcasinoway. Here patrons are free to wear anything, including pajamas. There is no set dress code for one to participate in their favorite casino games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack.

It’s hard to imagine that the casino and fashion are bedfellows. But as illustrated, these two sectors share so much similarities. Casino dress code has influenced the world of fashion in a significant way, and it will continue to do so in the future. Although there haven’t been so many changes in the casino dressing code, its impacts on the world of fashion is remarkable.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times. 


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