How Being Healthy Can Reinvigorate Your Style

Conscious self-care, empowerment and actualization.


In recent decades, there has always been something cool and interesting in the dangerous side of life, or at least, that’s how it was seen. The in-your-face intensity of the punk movement, rock and its take-no-prisoners attitude, the 24-hour lifestyle of underground rave music, and of course, the braggadocious lyrical wordplay of the greatest hip-hop tracks we all know and love, and continue to enjoy to this day, all of this is or has been incredibly stylish for obvious reasons.

Yet in the era of an international pandemic and the growingly considered ideals of self-awareness, self-care and mental health maintenance, it can seem as though a new direction is needed. Note that this doesn’t mean you have to love punk or rock, electronic or hip-hop music any less than you once did, denying yourself access to that essential art can make you lesser than you otherwise could be.

It can be worth asking, however, to what degree being healthy can reinvigorate your style, and if there’s room for conscious self-care, empowerment and actualization in focusing on our health. In this post, we’re going to make the case for why said answer would return nothing but a resounding ‘yes!’

Without further ado, let’s explore this topic:

Posture Gives You Stature

When you focus on your health, you tend to stand a little taller. This is not solely because your self-esteem improves, but because the act of getting good exercise, good sleep, stretching and eating well can help you lose weight healthily, build your core strength, and keep you alert.

This means that you will naturally find your posture straightening out, particularly if you make healthy investments such as sitting on ergonomic furniture or simply spending less time sat down. Someone with a stronger posture will generally look better, more authoritative, and feel more confident in themselves. 

You may find that fashion staples you’ve looked at with fondness from afar are now ‘worth the risk’ to try out, because what do you have to lose? Those who stand upright with confidence in what they’re wearing have pushed the momentum for international trends to take shape. For this reason, posture gives you stature, which helps you both look and feel better.

Removing Bad Habits Grants You Confidence

Our bad habits often give us much more in the way of consequences than we may realize. While a certain bad habit might not be so damaging, such as drinking a little too much caffeine each day, it can harm our self-esteem to think that we are unable to handle such a habit.

This is why taking the time to lessen and quit your bad habits is key to feeling confident, reinvigorating the swagger in your walk and your new sense of confidence. For instance, quitting smoking by switching to a disposable vape bar, getting your drinking under control so that nights at the bar become fun social events rather than ‘on the cusp’ of a compulsion - all of this can make a tremendous difference in how you see yourself.

This effort also stops you from stagnating, which is a core component in the dynamic venture of enjoying good style.

Self-Care Gives Self-Esteem

When you commit to self-care, you make the non-verbal confirmation that you are worth it. That you’re worth looking after. That you’re worth going for that run, or that walk, or to the gym, or to get a good night’s sleep, or to choose that healthy food option, or to enjoy the benefits that come with meditation.

Self-care in this way allows you to feel so much more ‘yourself,’ than anything else, because you are continually showcasing that you’re worth the effort. This naturally leads to self-esteem, because anything you spend time cultivating and caring for will ultimately grow under that effort.

For that reason, we’d recommend making this process an automatic part of your schedule. Perhaps each morning as you wake up, you’ll greet the day, drink some water, and go for a calming walk in the local park. Then as you return, you can focus on your morning activities and prepare for the day, already having removed much of your stress or the ennui from climbing out of bed. 

As we can see, self-care is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled.

Embracing Your Differences Empowers You

Being healthy also means having a healthy regard for yourself. If this doesn’t include having compassion and reverence for your quirks, then this healthy regard isn’t complete in its application.

Embracing your difference can empower you and help you feel more unapologetic about what you like and that which you’d rather avoid. For instance, perhaps you have an interest that totally goes against the stereotype of ‘who you are.’ Maybe you work in construction but really wish to learn how to tap dance. Breaking through norms like this is inherently stylish, because style is about pushing the boundaries and being unapologetic about what you have to offer.

If you start that with your personality and how you refer to yourself, then you’re much more likely to wear clothes with that positive attitude also. Who knows? You may also inspire those who can take inspiration in such a mindset.

Skincare & Grooming Makes A Major Difference

The daily self-care principles we practice can help us look as sharp as possible. This is especially necessary when caring for our skin and grooming our hair each day. A competent moisturizing schedule helps your skin glow more while also helping it seem healthy, while proper hair care can keep it looking voluminous.

You don’t have to have natural model-like looks in order to come across as someone who can apply self-care with discipine. That in itself shows the world that you half self-esteem, self-love and stylish, without having to don any expensive clothes or accessories.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to allow health to reinvigorate your style. For some people, it can be the very foundational element of style. Not that this guide isn’t necessarily only pointed towards those with the perfect weight or body shape, as this advice can work for everyone, and you deserve to feel wonderful too.