"Hot Ones" Is No Match For Lorde, Our Lady Of Perpetual Spice

The red-hot singer proves there’s no heat she can’t handle.


Lorde, queen of onion rings, understated pop princess, and self-proclaimed “prettier Jesus,” has now garnered herself a new title: spice champion. After what felt like ages of her avid fans pining for new music from their Lord(e) and savior, Lorde’s light is shining down on us once again with her highly anticipated upcoming album, Solar Power, her first new music in four years.

Her solar-powered press tour led her to Hot Ones, a show that’s known for taking our favorite celebs to their spice limit. Lorde is in good company with other Hollywood Hot Ones alumni, celebs who have dared to test their Scoville tolerance, but few have done so with such poise and unflinching appreciation for flavor, proving that while her career is on fire, her tongue is apparently flame-resistant.

Lorde avoided any temptation to join the ranks of fellow stars like Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, and Shaq, who famously sweat and buckled under the tastebud assault. Not only did the hot wings not seem to cause her any bodily harm, but with grace under pressure, she proved that not only can she take the heat, but she’s happy in any kitchen with very, very spicy hot wings. 

When mere mortals surely would’ve desperately grabbed for a drink, Lorde re-reached for her hot wings, asking whether a “double bite” would be a mistake and calling this spice challenge a “delicious lunch.” Some may like it hot, but Lorde loves it. And, with a tolerance for temperature like that, no wonder she’s the lord(e) of solar power. Solar Power is set to debut on August 20th, but you can stream the titular single now.


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