HoneyLuv Unplugged: The Making of 'Move Your Body' - An Exclusive Interview

Exploring the House and Techno fusion.


Join us as we delve behind the scenes with the talented HoneyLuv, exploring the infectious track 'Move Your Body.' From headlining shows in LA to being a Billboard "Dance Artist to Watch," HoneyLuv's making waves. Discover the narrative, the collaboration, and the enchantment that shapes this summer's hottest song.

HoneyLuv, how did the collaboration between you and Will Clarke come about for the track 'Move Your Body'? 

Well, Will and I are really really good friends so it was just a matter of time before we had done something together. We also are just huge fans of each other so it was already written for us to do so. 

We understand that Moxie Knox provided vocals for 'Move Your Body'. How did you decide to work with her, and what was the experience like collaborating with an emerging talent like her?

Moxie is also a friend of mine that I met last year, and at the time, she was singing R&B, and her tracks were doing amazing. She was just so talented in general, and it wasn't until I invited her out to one of my shows where she saw how amazing house music was. I like to say that from that point on, it was history – she wanted to get involved.