Hero Cosmetics Is Here To Save Your Skincare Routine

They conquered the pimple patch, what's next?


Launching in 2017 on Amazon, Hero Cosmetics took a no-nonsense approach to skincare, taking on the mission to help those of us who struggle with pimples and acne. When the brand launched its first pimple patch – Mighty Patch – there was less competition in the market. Now, there’s a boom when it comes to the pimple patch, with brands often trying to make the product as pretty as possible. Yet, Hero Cosmetics has always been more focused on results, rather than aesthetics.

Now, almost four years on, there are six versions of the pimple patch, each catered to different requirements. Such as the Mighty Patch Surface, a larger patch aimed at covering large breakout areas. There’s also the Micropoint for Blemishes, which targets pimples in their initial stages. 

2021 is the year Hero Cosmetics expands their line, whilst still sticking to their accessible, yet cute branding that we know and love. The Clear Collective collection is a three-step routine aimed at preventing breakouts by targeting the root cause of blemishes. The line challenges the idea that you need an abundance of products to get the skin of your dreams, after all the brand’s approach is simple: keep what you need, avoid what you don’t. It’s this mindful approach to their products that keep us coming back for more, with the brand being able to boast a vegan, cruelty-free range.

The Clear Collective trio contains an Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser, Balancing Capsule Toner, and Clarifying Prebiotic Moisturizer. The cleanser starts by ridding the skin of oil, debris and clogged-up dead skin. With the pores cleansed, the toner allows the skin to be hydrated. Finally, the moisturizer feeds the skin-nourishing prebiotics, leaving the skin looking luminous and clear 24/7.

Whilst you can purchase the products separately for $12.99 each, it’s recommended you purchase them as a set, coming to $35, saving you both money and a skincare routine that’s a hassle. The trio was made to work together in the pursuit of glowing skin, with founder Ju Rhyu explaining to Nylon “it’s meant to be used as a system and as a set, because again, we want to tackle that sort of one, two, three of exfoliation, sebum control, and the bacteria balance”.

So, if you’ve been looking for affordable, science-driven skincare, Hero Cosmetics might just be for you. Shop here.

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