Haus Laboratories ‘Stupid Love’ Palette Sneak Peak

Haus Laboratories ‘Stupid Love’ Palette Sneak Peak

Get May 19th in the diaries ladies!


Stop everything you are doing and get May 19th in the diary little monsters, because Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories is dropping it’s latest ‘Stupid Love’ eye shadow palette and you can find out all you need to know in this pre-release review!

Not only does it pay homage by having the same name as the song, but the latest palette is also a bright, bold & colorful expression inspired by the entire new album Chromatica, it’s a new era of Gaga!

Haus Laboratories global artistry director Sarah Tanno discusses how this is all a new and exciting venture for the brand, with it being the first time she has been able to merge the music with the makeup, "...it made me have to really open my mind as far as the style of makeup [Gaga is] going to want, [and] how she's going to want to feel and interpret that for this entire album."


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Each hue in the palette has both matte and shimmered editions, a collection of color-popping blues, gentle pinks, and warm neutrals, with Tanno saying she wanted to play around with textures for this palette, "...you'll see there's a white, then there's a white frost; there's a teal, then there's a teal shine; there's the orange, and then something that's a little smokier."


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A pre-release review of the palette did not disappoint, with the shades being as every bit pigmented on the eyes as they are in the pans. Tanno is used to creating high-impact looks in a limited time frame, she wanted the palette to be able to perform as such for the customer - creating stunning looks in minimal time whether you use or brush or just get your finger in there!

“These colors should empower you to feel like you can try something that you’ve maybe never had the confidence to do,” Tanno says, encouraging you to experiment with the different colors and create a unique and fierce look, whether you like your eyes to pop with wild colors or keep it simple with softer tones.


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Gaga herself takes her makeup very seriously and wanted this to resonate in the “Stupid Love’ palette, makeup has to be powerful, self-empowering, and brave. Tanno says, “...she wants you to feel inspired, and she wants you to feel kind.” 

There’s nothing short of exciting with this product so make sure you are prepared to get stuck right into this palette and experiment on looks you’ve always wanted to try! Dropping digitally on May 19th, the palette will cost $48 and can be bought from Amazon or Haus Labs website which you can find here.


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