Handbag Essentials You Should Not Go Without

Everything you could possibly need during the day.


The joys of having a handbag mean that you can carry everything and anything that you could possibly need during the day. However, there are some things that you cannot and should not leave the house without. 

Hygiene supplies

In a post-Covid world, it looks like we'll be sticking to Hands, Face, Space for a while longer. Keeping your handbag stocked with Kn95 facemasks and hand sanitizer is the best way to make sure that you don’t get caught out when you are out and about. If you want to take things a step further, you can carry biodegradable antibacterial wipes so that you never have to touch a sticky surface ever again. Hey, if you want to invest in some disposable gloves, we won’t judge you for it.


Keeping your cards somewhere safe should be a top priority, especially now that contactless technology is a thing. Keeping your cards safe in a cardholder that has RFID/NFC blockers can help prevent your card from being tapped by fraud artists. A cardholder is much better than a purse because you can slide it into your pocket when you don’t fancy hauling a handbag about with you. Also, because we aren’t using cash as much anymore, we don’t have a need for a huge purse to carry all of our spare change.

Period supplies

For everyone who is the unfortunate recipient of menstruation, you will definitely need to carry those supplies for when Aunt Flo comes for a visit if you know what we mean. Having a period pack in your handbag for those unexpected visits. This can include tampons, pads, intimate wipes, or a cup. Whatever you use for your period, pack a stash in your handbag. There is even a rumor going around that men are carrying a period bag with them in case a lady friend gets caught out.


Ok, we know that everyone doesn’t wear makeup but having a bag of beauty supplies is not a bad thing. Think of this as your mini bathroom in your bag. You could pack a mini hair kit with a small brush, dry shampoo and hair-ties if you know that your hair will misbehave during the day. Or you could pack a mini dental pack so that you can clean your teeth after lunch. This is up to you and what you think you will need the most during the day.


In a world that is powered by tech, we need to have our gadgets on us at all times. Keeping items such as a power bank and headphones are pretty non-negotiable these days. If we are working on the go, a power bank can save us from disaster. A set of headphones is a sure signal that we don’t want to be spoken to. Don’t forget to keep spare cables for charging that you can keep in your bag.

With everything in life, everyone is unique but we feel pretty confident that this list can cover most people.