Top Techniques To Help You Fight The Frizz In The Dry Months

Invest in the right products.


Frizz is annoying, you only have to check out the infamous scene in “Friends” when Monica’s hair meets humidity to see how bad it can get. It will certainly ruin your chances of making the perfect first impression.

However, the good news is there is a way of beating the frizz, even in the driest months of the year when the humidity level rises.

The Right Product

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious thing you can do to avoid the frizz is to invest in the right products. Take a look at the Olaplex range and you will notice the products are natural. Specifically, there are no sulfates.


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That’s because sulfates are very good at helping you create lather. But, in the process they will strip the protective layer of your hair, making them dry and frizzy. The right product goes a long way to keep the frizz away.

Deep Condition

It is also a good idea to deep condition your hair at least once a week. The mask is simple to apply, left in place for thirty minutes, and hydrates your hair properly. That is the key to avoiding frizz.

In fact, a deep condition also helps to protect it from heat and the emergence of split ends. That’s particularly useful if you use heat styling tools regularly.

Choose Your Towel Wisely

You may not have realized this but not all towels are created equal! Cotton towels feel soft but they are harsh to your wet hair. That means they will literally break the strands of your hair.

Instead of using a cotton towel, switch to a microfiber one. It is softer and better for your hair. At the same time, it is better at absorbing moisture. The faster you safely dry your hair the less chance it has to get frizzy.

A Diffuser Is Essential

It is to avoid using hot styling tools too often. However, when dealing with frizz it is generally better to dry your hair as quickly as possible. But, when you are using a hairdryer you don’t want to blast specific sections of your hair with very hot air. Instead, use a diffuser.

This will reduce frizz and the potential for damage because your hair will not be subject to such extreme force.


If you can spare a day then choose a leave-in conditioner and coat your hair with it. Leaving the conditioner in place protects it from the humidity that causes frizz. It also gives protection against the heat of the sun, helping to keep it strong and healthy-looking.

Change Your Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are softer to your hair and can help prevent you from getting split ends and frizz. Just like switching your cotton towel, a silk pillowcase is gentler on your hair, helping it to resist damage and maintain the natural oils on your head and hair.

It is amazing how much damage you can do to your hair when you sleep, especially if you move around a lot at night.