Halyna Hutchins: Family Mourns Tragic Death As Investigation Continues

The cinematographer was killed in a brutal accident following a horrific firearm mishap.


Working as director of photography on the film set of upcoming movie “Rust”, 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins died on the 21st of October when actor, Alec Baldwin, fired a prop gun on the film set.  

The Hollywood star and producer of the film discharged the gun during a rehearsal for a scene, which involved him drawing the weapon across his body. However, the revolver turned out to be loaded – resulting in the tragic death of Hutchins, following a fatal shot to the chest. The film’s director, Joel Souza, who was standing behind Hutchins when the incident happened, was also badly injured from a shot in the shoulder. 
On Friday, authorities spoke out declaring that assistant director, Dave Halls, who handed Baldwin the weapon, insisted that it was a “cold gun” and therefore safe to use. However, it’s been reported that a crew member who had previously worked with Halls, already raised safety concerns about him back in 2019. 
Indeed, as the investigation continues, more and more issues concerning the safety protocols on set are being revealed. The latest developments on the case have confirmed that on the day that Hutchins was killed, crew members had participated in what’s known as “plinking” – a common pastime in which real ammunition is used and fired in rural areas.  
Sharon Waxman, founder, and CEO of The Wrap has cited the claims, informing CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday that one of the guns used during the “plinking” is what resulted in the needless death of Hutchins.  
In response to these recent statements, the producers of “Rust” have merely reiterated their previous announcement that was released to the media, stating: “The safety of our cast and crew is the top priority of Rust productions and everyone associated with the company”. While the film bosses admit that they weren’t “aware” of any “official complaints” involving weapons or props on set, they have since confirmed that an “internal review” is being conducted to investigate matters further.  
The horrific incident occurred at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Thursday, devastating the friends and family of Hutchins. Her husband, Matthew Hutchins has referred to the loss as “enormous” in a tweet, exclaiming that his late wife’s “legacy” is “too meaningful” to put into words. A candlelit vigil united hundreds of mourners on Saturday evening in New Mexico, but that doesn’t take away from the tragic life lost.  
Alec Baldwin has tweeted that his heart is “broken” for Halyna’s son and “all who knew and loved her”. The shooting has sparked a thorough inquiry by gun experts, who are dumbfounded at how such an event could occur. For the sake of Hutchins’ family, we can only hope that some sort of closure or explanation will be brought to light soon, as the case continues to unfold.   



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