Nike Women x Gurls Talk Team Up For Documentary “Spit Fire, Dream Higher”

Celebrating female footballers globally.


Football has always been a traditionally male-dominated sport, but in recent years the media have taken more notice of the female sector of football. With the 2019 Women’s World Cup bringing new talent to the forefront of the sport, it’s no shock that there is more interest surrounding it than ever.

Nike and online platform Gurls Talk have created a monumental documentary focusing on a diverse range of female footballers and their stories from across the globe. The documentary is titled “Spit Fire, Dream Higher” and demonstrates the power that the sport of football has as a cause for change and empowerment in these girls lives. Finding happiness on the pitch and using their talents to bring their communities together, this film is not one to miss.

Adwoa Aboah is the founder of Gurls Talk and narrates the documentary. Presenting the stories of the women through their eyes and hosting many authentic conversations, we truly understand who these women are and why football means so much to them.

Adwoa explained: "On this journey, we saw girls from around the world who have fought through oppression and continue to be resilient through their love for football, the documentary truly celebrates them and the grassroots communities they are a part of."

Nike athlete and PSG striker Nadia Nadim is a close personal friend of Aboah, and takes the role of the counterpart speaking to fearless young girls in their hometowns around the world. Be prepared for many discussions of how football makes a positive change in their lives and how they use the sport as a form of self-definition in these hard times.

We were inspired by this gorgeous film and we think you would be too, watch it above let us know what you think!

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